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Foods and supplements high in protein

Protein rich foods and supplements are used in gym diets to catch volume more easily. But remember you should go also to the gym.

Although most people are concerned about losing weight, many, especially athletes and athletes need to gain weight. In our store you can find accessories, shakes and bars that help you achieve this goal.

Gain weight

To begin with it is very important to determine the degree of thinness, and its relationship with the genetic structure and predisposition, you must weigh and calculate your body mass index (BMI), to determine the normal weight and ideal for you.

Weight gain is a process that just like the opposite process of weight reduction requires willpower, motivation, and above all to be constant. To gain weight it is necessary to make changes in food, adding certain foods, and developing new habits, this will be achieved little by little, while increasing your weight, are helpful products such as energy bars, shakes and supplements that we offer in the store . In addition it is necessary to increase the consumption of calories, that is to say increase some 700 to 1000 extra calories daily, here it is very important to consider the proteins and to exercise, so that the extra energy does not become in body fat but in muscular mass, the specialists recommend between 1.5 g and 2.2 g of protein per day per kilogram of weight.

Caloric foods

There are foods with a high calorie content, including cereals and their derivatives, meat, dairy products, nuts, vegetable fats and oils. Combine these foods with the appropriate supplements, and perform exercise like resistance workouts and weights, so that the calories are converted into muscle mass. Exercise maximum four days a week and you will begin to see the results. It is also important to consume three high-protein foods daily, carbohydrate and fat, drink milk and consume more fruits than vegetables.

Energy bars

Energy Barrites are very practical and contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, choline and inositol, are extremely effective for athletes who perform this activity in a professional, for training, and consumption is also recommended for sports adolescents. In the store you find them in variety of flavors and ingredients.

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