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Proteins and Food for Sport Nutrition

Proteins are a source of energy and essential for your fitness diet and define your muscles. Here you can find proteins and products for sport nutrition.

Consumption of protein can be a very important aspect for an athlete, we talk about gaining muscle and not fat, for this are necessary foods and supplements rich in protein and eating habits, doing exercise and with the help of the necessary supplements.

Healthy Protein Consumption

When we raise weight effectively we increase body fat but in addition we must increase muscle mass, which is paramount by means of changes in diet, such as increased protein and physical activity, which is basic for along with a special diet. To achieve this goal you can follow some tips:

Eat at least five times a day: if we distribute the portions, we can increase the total calories we eat in the day, because in this case we need more calories, without feeling satiety.

Calories: To gain weight we need to increase the calories of each menu by adding foods like egg, milk powder, grated cheese, almonds or walnuts, etc. These will not increase the volume of the dish only the calories.

In the case of sportsmen it is not always possible to consume menus rich in protein during the day, in that case in the store we have products specially designed to help the athlete as protein bars in different flavors, complete supplements for sportsmen, protein complements, drinks proteins, shots and capsules among others.

When it comes to adding healthy foods with more calories and protein, we must choose healthy foods such as nuts, nuts, seeds, cheeses, eggs, olive oil, dehydrated fruits, among others.

Performing Exercise: Physical activity is very important to gain muscle and not body fat, and thus look fit and healthy. There are specific exercises to gain volume and increase muscle mass.

Gaining weight as well as losing weight is not easy, since we must maintain the health of our body, in order to achieve this, you should not lose sight of the proteins as well as the carbohydrates that are the ones that contribute energy and calories to our diet. We also recommend the products to gain weight with carbohydrates from the store.

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  • Body Plus - 850 g - Strawberry Flavor
    Manufacturer: Nutri Sport Content: 850 g Flavor: Strawberry Ingredients: Fruitful, Casein, Maltodextrina, Glucose, Saccharose, Maltose, Lactose, Lactoalbúmina, sódico Caseinato, calcic Caseinato, Concentrated vitaminic, Lecitina, L-Cistina, Perfuming naturales. Energy (calories): 390 Kcal = 1630 kJ/100

  • Body Plus - 850 g - Vainilla Flavor
    Manufacturer: Nutri Sport Content: 850 g Flavor: Vanilla Energy (calories): 390 Kcal = 1630 kJ/100 g

  • Body Plus - 850 g - Yoguth/Banana Flavor
    Manufacturer: Nutri Sport Content: 850 g Flavor: Yoguth/Banana Energy (calories): 390 Kcal = 1630 kJ/100 g

  • FAT BURNERS CAPS - 105 Tablets
    How to use: Take 3 tablets before training. Dose: 1000 mg of L-Carnitine per dose. Presentation: Bottle of 105 tablets.

  • Fat Burners Shot - Box with 20 Bottles
    Brand: Nutri Sport Presentation: Box of 20 bottles Directions: Drink 1 FatburnersShot midmorning and 1 FatburnersShot before performing any exercise, it increases the calorie consumption per day and the ability to burn

  • ISO WHEY Cero Cero - Pack with 1000 g - Chocolate Flavor
    Presentation: Pack with 1000 g Flavor: Chocolate Directions: Dissolve 40 g of Iso Whey in 250 ml of cold water and take it after exercise.

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