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Smoothie MEGA POWER 7.500 Kcal - 15 Envelopes - Chocolate Flavor

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Manufacturer: Nutri Sport

Packing: Box of 1.650 g that contains 15 doses, packaged in inert gas atmosphere nitrogen to assure his conservation.

Flavor: Chocolate

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Shopping Smoothie MEGA POWER 7.500 Kcal

Megapower 7.500 Kcal Smoothie with Chocolate Flavor

Formula balanced for weight gain in both mass and muscle strength. This new product both in its presentation and its components, has a high caloric value: provides 500 Kcal over when dissolved in water and 676 Kcal when dissolved in skimmed milk. Its perfect blend makes it faster weight gain and concentrate on muscle mass and always when combined with exercise and healthy lifestyle.


MEGA POWER is making a difference in the Weight Gainers. With a unique composition has developed a formula that covers the needs of all those athletes who want to gain weight and / or compensate for wear and heat muscle training:


Mixture of milk proteins (casein + + Whey Caseinate):

Combination of high biological value protein that ensures the amino acid with lamp to achieving maximum muscle protein synthesis.


Carbohydrates of high and low molecular weight:

With the ratio of simple carbohydrates and complex, characterized by MegaPower easily assimilated energy intake that allows both face a high intensity training provision metabolism as an "extra" calories needed for protein synthesis.


Vitamins and minerals:

Both have proven their importance in the process of assimilation of nutrients in the body's energy processes in muscle contraction processes in the fight against free radicals (for their antioxidant activity), the body's immune system ... an extra supply of vitamins and minerals in the diet is essential for any athlete.



Medium Chain Triglycerides are a source with high calorific energy and rapid metabolism, without accumulating in the adipose tissue.

Ingredients: Fruitful, Maltodextrine, MCT, Lactoalbumin, calcic, essential Fatty acids, Concentrated mineral, Concentrated Caseinato vitaminic, Lecitin, L-cistein, authorized flavor.

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