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Organic Frankfurt style Sausages - 180 g

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Manufacturer: El Granero

Ingredients: Tofu, oil of sunflower, water, albumen, leavening of beer, sauce of soybean, Atlantic salt, species of frankfurt, seaweed to agar-agar, smoke and lecitina of soybean .

Net weight: 180 g.

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Shopping Organic Frankfurt style Sausages

Tofu is made by curdling soy milk, which is also known as tofu. It is whitish, not just taste and smell, one of the ingredients that accompany it. This quality makes it can be used in many recipes, sweets, salads and a multitude of ways. It is rich in vegetable protein.

Made in Spain

Organic certification: CAE

Spanish Organic Agriculture Certification

European Union 
Organic Certification

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