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Dermare with seawater, for the skin health - 500 ml

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In dermare aqua-marine recognized widely used in traditional phytotherapy plants: oats, burdock, sarsaparilla, dandelion and thought that helps maintain skin health.
Manufacturer: Pinisan

Presentation: 500 ml (enough for 25 days)

Active Ingredients: Sea water, oats, burdock, sarsaparilla, dandelion and thought.

How to use: Take 20 ml per day, diluted in water or juices. Shake before use.

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Shopping Dermare with seawater, for the skin health

Dermare is part of a new range of biomodulators elixirs: aqua-marine.

Five new references that offer the synergy of sea and land, developing the concept of holistic natural medicine.

Formulated in a base of seawater that favors the internal balance of the body necessary for a healthy state (homeostasis), providing a bioavailable contribution of all trace elements and minerals in the same proportion as in our cells and our internal environment, while which it behaves as a potent alkalizing (pH 8.4).

The specific part of each reference medicinal plants provide, through synergistic formulations in the form of certified extracts, which ensure a constant efficiency, using species with contrasting properties.

Composition per daily dose of Dermare (20 ml):

    - Seawater (235 mg sodium): 19.64 ml
      (Recommended daily intake of sodium: 2,000 mg)
    - Ext 10: 1 Sarsaparilla (> 10% polyphenols): 68 mg
      (Equivalent to 680 mg of Smilax medica)
    - Ext 10: 1 Oats: 68mg
      (Equivalent to 680 mg of Avena sativa)
    - Ext 8: 1 Burdock (> 2% inulin): 68 mg
      (Equivalent to 544 mg of Arcitum lappa)
    - Ext 5: 1Diente of Leon (2% flavonoids): 68 mg
      (Equivalent to 340 mg of Taraxacum officinale)
    - Ext 5: 1 Thinking (2% flavonoids): 68 mg
      (Equivalent to 340 mg of Viola tricolor)

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