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Protein Omelette 30 - 12 Units - Onion Flavor

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Powder Prepared for Omeletts with High Protein Content

Omelett Protein 30 is a powder mix with a high content of proteins (ovalbumin), low-fat and easy to cook. It is ideal to enhance an athlete's diet high in protein bioavailability. The proteins present in Tortilla Protein 30 is characterized by a high biological value and rich in branched amino acids, primarily responsible for muscle regeneration after training. In addition, Protein Tortilla 30 is low in fat (less than 1 gram of fat per envelope), and does no contain salt. As a result, you can increase your protein diet without affecting the presence of fat and salt in your food.

Brand: Nutrisport

Presentation: Box of 12 sachets (1 sachet = 44 g)

Flavor: Onion

Nutrition Information: per sachet  (44 g): Calories 184 kcal (769 kJ);  Protein 32 g;  Carbohydrate 6 g;  Fat 0.9 g;  Beta-carotene 0.1 mg; Vitamin B6 1 mg.

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