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Pepperwort (Lepidium draba L.) - 50 g

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Common name: Pepperwort

Botanical name: Lepidium draba L.

Other common names: Pepperweed, Peppergrass

Net weight: 50 g

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Shopping Pepperwort (Lepidium draba L.)

Pepperwort (Lepidium draba L.), is a perennial plant. It is a member of the mustard and cabbage family. It is also known as Pepperweed or Peppergrass.

Native to southern Europe, Mediterranean countries and Asia as far east as the Himalayas, it is an introduced species in North America, where it grows throughout the United States and Mexico.

Pepperwort normally grows to between 30 cm and 1 m, but may grow as tall at 2 m. The plants have numerous woody stems, alternating waxy leaves and clusters of small white flowers. It produces small (1.6 mm) fruits, each containing two reddish seeds.

Fresh leaves can be chewed and are empowered to strengthen teeth and gums. For infusion can be used both leaves and stalks or seeds; you have to drink it hot, fasting and before bedtime. 

Traditional Uses:Since ancient times this plant was given the name of "Rompepiedra" and used to break up stones in the kidney.

Preparation of infusion: 1 liter of water to the fire is placed, once the plant is boiling check, turn off the heat and cover. Let stand for about 10 minutes. This we will take tea in a warm or can keep in the refrigerator (never for more than 3 days) status, clawe will have a glass in the morning, one at noon and one in the afternoon. We will take to expel the stones or stones.

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