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OVOPEPTIDES - 120 Tablets

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Ovopeptides in Tablets

Manufacturer: Nutri Sport

Ingredients: Egg Hydrolized Albumin.

Content: 120 Tablets with 1500 mg of Egg Hydrolized Albumin

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The peptides are a nitrogen source, going from free amino acids to oligopeptides and polypeptides. When the carboxyl group of one amino acid joins with the amino group of another amino acid, removing a water molecule is formed between the two a peptide bond. When two amino acids that bind a dipeptide is formed when three bind a tripeptide is formed and when bound form many polypeptides amino acids, proteins are polypeptides.

This product consists of "oligopeptides" which means small peptides (two to four joints amino acids) together with a high percentage of free amino acids and the remainder are polypeptides although relatively short chain. Thus the advantage on protein absorption will be easier and faster, since virtually no digestion required. Proteins are predigested. This product is called "Ovopéptidos" because they come from a hydrolyzed egg albumin, and its fat "zero".

Each tablet contains 1900 mg of pure egg albumen hydrolyzate, equivalent to 1500 mg of pure amino acids and oligopeptides.

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