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OTOSAN Cone for the ear care

Cone for the ear care

The OTOSAN cone for the ear care is the rediscovery of an ancient tradition for the treatment and prevention of the ear. Made of natural waxed cloth, it contributes to remove the wax-plug from the ear while re-balancing the ear pressure, and it prevents the unpleasant feeling of "blocked ears". It can safely be used at home by all those looking for a healthy life and for light and natural treatment methods.

Content: 2 cones, protective disc, instructions.

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The ear hygiene
EARWAX : It is a mixture of substances produced by the ceruminous glands of the ear duct to defend it against foreign matters (dust, insects, etc.). Nature, in fact, has foreseen that the epidermic layers of the ear move outwards from halfway along the eardrum membrane. During their motion, they mix with particular fats produced in the glands and so leave the ear in the form of earwax. When this "self-cleaning system" of the ear no longer works perfectly, a plug of earwax may form which, if not removed, can cause problems, irritation and even blocking of the ear duct. It can be the cause of reduced hearing, itchiness, whistling, buzzing, and also of momentary loss of balance.

PREVENTIVE HYGIENE: According to a survey carried out in more than three hundred doctor's surgeries, it emerged that many people try to eliminate the "wax-plugs" with excessive cleaning or using violent methods, cleaning the ear duct with rubber syringes, chemical-based sprays, manually or with cotton buds. These methods may be dangerous, as the wax may be pressed further into the ear duct, blocking it completely and risking damage to the extremely sensitive membrane of the eardrum. This could open the way to the middle ear for bacteria which can cause serious infections.

A NATURAL REMEDY: OTOSAN has made available to everyone an ancient method by rediscovering this thousand-year-old practice and reviving an old country tradition. The cone for the ear care has been known throughout the world from time immemorial. It was discovered that a similar method was used in Bolivia and by peoples who lived far apart such as the Hopi Indians and the Chinese who have always been very sensitive to natural remedies.
Cada vez más personas están convencidas que la calidad de la vida se basa en un equilibrio entre bienestar del cuerpo, el espíritu y el ambiente que le rodea. Por esto, el cono para la higiene del oído OTOSAN es apreciado por personas de culturas y tradiciones distintas entre sí en muchos países del mundo.

The OTOSAN cone, besides the PROTECTIVE DISC, has a FLAME-BREAKING RING, which automatically extinguishes the flame at the end of the treatment and makes it easier, safer and more practical to use.

The ear care cone OTOSAN is in compliance with yhe European 93/42/EC standard regarding quality and safety

How to use it:

1. Insert the cone into the protective disc and light the wide end of the cone itself.

2. Insert the tapered end of the cone into the ear holding it in a vertical position with your hand.

3. When the flame has burnt down to the flame-breaking ring, stop treatment and extinguish the cone in a glass of water.

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Review by James
That really works? That looks like something really rare, I have never seen anything like that, and maybe it could be interesting but maybe not, just an useless thing, but well I should try it, but that money for just a paper to burn near your ear, (Posted on 3/31/2014)
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