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Spices, sweeteners and organic sauces

Here are Sweeteners, Seasonings and Sauces, many of them from organic farming.

Cooking a recipe at home, with all the flavor of the chefs' dishes of the great restaurants is possible if we have the specific spices, sweeteners and ecological sauces for each of our dishes. We can prepare a special menu for the family or our guests, selecting select ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, bio sesame oil, Dijon Bio mustard or extra quality Spanish saffron. These are just a few examples of the great variety of spices, sauces and organic sweeteners that you will find online in the store. If we want to sweeten a sauce we can use brown sugar or whole sugar cane bio, so we highlight the taste of our dishes of salt and sweet, without having to worry about our health.

If we want to prepare oriental recipes we can find a series of elements such as Flaxseed oil, Miso, bio Shoyu (soy sauce and wheat), bio Tamari, Gomasio, Ginger bio, and Ketchup organic with Agave.

For those of us on a diet, or need to take care of our health even more, the online store has products such as Egg Free Mayonnaise or Sugarless Ketchup, as well as vegetable broths with miso and Vegetable Broth without glutamate. For healthy seasoning, low sodium salt is an indisputable ally for health, and is also available as Herbal Salt. We can also sweeten desserts, cookies and cakes with rice molasses or cane molasses, both bio. In addition to these, honey is a traditional product that is produced in our land, and which has become very famous worldwide for its unique taste and texture.

Honey is a product produced by bees from the nectar extracted from the flowers, its nutritional power is very high and contains minerals, folic acid, iodine and zinc. It is used externally to create face masks for the hair and skin, it is even used externally to treat acne and scars. But its most important aspect is health, helps to produce antibodies, acts as a mild laxative and has positive effects for the heart. You will find varieties like eucalyptus honey and other different presentations of the Honey of the Alcarria.

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  • Agave syrup BIO Monodosis bags - 2 kg
    Manufacturer: El GraneroIngredients: agave syrup * 100%. (*) = In organic farming.Content: 2 kg of Agave syrup in Monodosis

  • Barley Malt Syrup Organic
    Barley malt is a thick, dark, slow-digesting sweetener made from sprouted barley. It has a malt-like flavor. Some say barley malt is to beer as grapes are to wine. It

  • Barley Organic MISO - Danival - 390 g
    Manufacturer: Danival Net weight: 390 g. Ingredients: Barley, soybean, sea salt, water.

  • Bio Dijon mustard - El Granero - 200 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Net Weight: 200 g. Ingredients: mustard seeds, cider vinegar, water, salt and turmeric Organic farming. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Calories: 100 Kj Kcal/420 Protein: 5.3 g H. Carbon: 3.2 g Fat: 7.3 g

  • Bio Eucalyptus Honey - 500 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Net weigth: 500 g. Ingredients: eucalyptus honey from Organic farming. Origin: Spain

  • Bio Ketchup without Sugar - DANIVAL - 560 g
    Manufacturer: Danival Ingredients: coarse sea salt * 100%. (*) = From organic farming. Presentation: 560 g

  • BIO Mayonegran No Egg - 240 g
    Manufacturer: El GraneroIngredients: sunflower oil *, soymilk *, apple vinegar *, concentrated apple juice *, mustard *, water, guar gum, sea salt. (*) = In organic farming.Content: 240 g

  • BIO SHOYU (Wheat and Soy Sauce) - 500 ml
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Net Weigth: 500 ml  Ingredients: water, soy, wheat, koji (wheat *, a.oryzac) and sea salt. Organic farming. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Calories: 54 Kj Kcal/226 Protein: 7.5 g H. Carbon: 5.8 g Fats:

  • BIO TAMARI (Soy Sauce) - El Granero - 250 ml
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Net Weight: 250 ml Ingredients: water, soybeans, koji (soy, yeast) and sea salt. Organic farming. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Calories: 70 Kj Kcal/293 Protein: 10 g H. carbon: 7.50 g Fats: 0.10 g

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