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Cosmética Natural

Snacks, nuts and conserves

Buy snacks, nuts online is possible in our store. There is a good selection of these products that can be consumed directly as healthy snacks or also as ingredients to prepare a great variety of dishes and recipes. Organic preserves come in a friendly presentation such as glass jars that are recyclable and contain products of the highest quality, and also contain no preservatives and additives. Preserved as tuna fillets in bio olive oil, mackerel fillets in bio olive oil, and salmon fillets in bio olive oil are delicious to accompany our lunches or dinners. You can also combine with the egg-free mayonnaise, so desired by vegetarians, and additionally to complement their dishes the ecological preserves of white cabbage pickles bio, and if you want to try new flavors, from the oriental kitchen we get the seitan and tempeh bio that can also be used in the preparation of tasty recipes, and season them with organic Umeboshi Pasta.

Afternoons at home and meetings with friends are more enjoyable if we can share different and exquisite snacks, which in addition to being very pleasant for the palate means a contribution of nutrients. Among these products we find popcorn of ecological cultivation to accompany that afternoon the films, Bioroll's with Tomato bio, nachos with salt, with barbecue or cheese, all ecological and certified, and can be served with soles, or with pâté. Pate is a very complete food that can be served with snacks or with bread, it is very practical and not only do vegetarians enjoy these varieties like the bio mushroom pâté, the organic chickpea pâté, the organic  pepper pâté, or organic vegetable paté, which is very appealing in social gatherings.

It is also important to provide our children with healthy snacks, such as organic almonds, plums and dates without bone, or dried figs. All these are also excellent ingredients for preparing cookies, cakes and desserts that will all love for their taste and health.

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  1. €1.91

    Net Weight: 125 g.

    Ingredients: corn flour * 69% * not hydrogenated vegetable oil, cheese powder * 3% * onion, salt and yeast extract. (*) = In organic farming.
    Contains milk.

    Nutritional Anaysis per 100 g: Energy: 505 Kj Kcal/2115; Protein: 6 g; H. Carbon: 64 g; Fat: 25 g

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  2. €1.91

    Net Weight: 125 g.

    Ingredients: Ingredients: Corn * 75% unhydrogenated sunflower oil * and sea salt. (*) = In organic farming.

    Nutritional Anaysis per 100 g: Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy: 493 kcal / 2059 kJ; Protein: 5.4 g H. carbon: Originating from Sugars 62.6 g: 2.2 g; Fat: 23.5 g Saturated 2.9 g Fiber 4.4 g Sodium: 2.7 g

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  3. €4.05

    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral

    Ingredients: Almonds from organic farming.

    Net weight: 250 g.

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  4. €1.91

    Net Weigth: 125 g


    Ingredients: corn flour  74% non-hydrogenated vegetable oil , salt, tomato powder , spices , onion *, natural flavors .(*)= yeast and organically grown.


    Nutritional Analysis per 100g:


    Energy: 505 Kj Kcal/2115

    Protein: 6 g

    H. Carbon: 64 g

    Fat: 25 g




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  5. €2.39

    Corn and tomato snacks, organic and with a spicy touch

    Manufacturer: El Granero

    Net weight: 125 g.

    Ingredients: corn flour * 71%, unhydrogenated vegetable oil *, tomato seasoning * 5% (dehydrated vegetables *, tomatoes *, garlic *), salt, sugar *, yeast extract, spices * black pepper *), tomato paste * and paprika extract *. (*) = Organic farming.

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  6. €5.10

    Buy boneless prunes, from organic farming.

    These organic prunes can be used directly in many of your recipes, as they do not contain bones. In addition, they provide energy and nutrients for everyone. And they are a very good food for constipation.

    Ingredients: prunes without bone * (100%). (*) = Organic farming.

    Net weight: 250 g.

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  7. €3.30

    Pickles of lactofermented white cabbage from organic farming

    These white cabbage pickles contain highly effective microorganisms that strengthen the human immune system, protecting it from many diseases

    Manufacturer: Vegetalia

    Weight: 300 g jar.

    Ingredients: Cabbage * and sea salt. (* from organic farming)

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  8. €3.10


    Chickpeas *, (31%), water, nutritional yeast, sesame oil * (11%), carrots *, onion *, sunflower oil *, vegetable broth * (sea salt, corn starch *, yeast extract, syrup glucose *, sunflower oil *, onions *, carrots *, turmeric *, ginger *, nutmeg *, pepper *, celery *, parsley *, bay leaves *, lovage *, parsnips *, leek *) , curry (with mustard) *, sea salt, ginger *. Contains sesame, mustard and celery. May contain traces of gluten and nuts.

    Organically grown.

    Nutritional Analysis per 100 g:

    Energy: 220 Kcal Protein: 9.7 g H. carbon: 5.7 g Fat: 16.2 g

    Net Weight: 125 grams

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  9. €4.80

    Manufacturer: El Granero

    Content: 250 g

    Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy: 1041 Kcal 249 / Kj,  Protein: 3.3 g, H. carbon: 63.87 g, Fat: 0.93 g

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  10. €9.50

     Manufacturer: Terrasana

    Net weight: 125 g.

    Origin: Japan

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