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Organic seeds

Following a balanced, healthy and above all complete diet, necessarily includes seeds, a natural alternative with extensive nutritional qualities, online you can purchase those certified organic crops, which guarantee health and nutrition. Organic seeds are a healthy and very delicious food, rich in essential nutrients, healthy fats and proteins. There is a great variety of edible seeds, among them are very popular sunflower seeds, pumpkin, raw and roasted sesame, chia and canary seed, the latter very used in diets. All of them contain vitamin E, which prevents aging of the skin and even cancer. They are rich in healthy fats and highly digestible proteins, and help maintain the immune system. Consuming bio seeds on a regular basis lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

The seeds of Chia contribute with energy and strengthen the nervous system as well as the mood. It is usually recommended to eat at breakfast. The canary seed is one of the seeds most consumed in recent times, belongs to the family Poaceae, and its origin is in the Mediterranean. It emphasizes the presence of proteins that have stable amino acids for good health. Other very nutritious seeds that you can find in the online store are the seeds of flax, linseed, poppy and also vegetable omega and linseed oil.

Sunflower seeds are very appealing, especially by children and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. They help keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels low. They contain antioxidants that work against the effects of aging, in addition to the fiber that helps prevent constipation. Among the most important vitamins of organic sunflower seeds are vitamin E and minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

It is worth mentioning that small amounts of seeds already mean a significant contribution of nutrients, and can be combined with fruits, used as an ingredient for numerous recipes, consumed as a snack, with yogurt, or incorporated into the preparation of bread and cookies.

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  • Chia Seeds Bio - 250 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: Chia seeds * 100% According to Registration of new foods for use in bread with a max. 5%. (*) = From organic farming. Content: 250 g.

  • Flax Seed organic 250 g
    Net Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: golden flax seed farming. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Calories: 406 Kj Kcal/1700 Protein: 20 g H. Carbon: 7 g Fat: 34 g Fiber: 28 g

  • Golden Linseed BIO - 250 g
    Serving Suggestion: Golden Linseed can be added to a Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: 100% golden linseed. Net weight: 250 g.

  • Organic Pumpkin Seeds - 450 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Net Weight: 500 g. Ingredients: Sunflower seed farming.

  • Organic raw Sesame Seeds - 500 g
    Manufacturer:El Granero Net Weight: 500 g. Ingredients: organically grown sesame.

  • Organic Sesame seeds 500 g
    Net Weight: 500 g. Ingredients: organically grown sesame seeds. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Energy: Kj 591Kcal/2470 Protein: 21.92 g H. carbon: 2.31 g Fat: 54.93 g

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