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Sausages and vegetable Burgers

Tasting sausages or hamburgers is one of the pleasures that most of us enjoy, but not everyone knows that sausages and vegetable burgers are a healthy alternative to this dish as appetizing, hamburgers can prepare in the same way as conventional, and add fresh ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, cheese or tofu, mushrooms, pikles and low calorie sauces to further enhance their flavor. Nothing will have to envy these to their versions made of meat. Vegetable burgers are made with the highest quality vegetable ingredients from certified organic crops. The varieties you can buy at the online store are algae and eggplant burgers, quinoa and borage burgers, tofu and seaweed as well as broccoli and cheese. All of them with a unique and delicious taste.

As for vegetable sausages, these can be consumed directly on the bread, or as an ingredient for pizzas, rice, pasta and a myriad of recipes, as they replace traditional sausages, without subtracting flavor and texture from our dishes. Among these we have tofu sausages with fine herbs, tofu sausages, and tofu sausages Frankfurt, all organic, and in presentations that guarantee its freshness and flavor. These versions are also ideal for preparing hot dogs, which are the favorites of children, who will be delighted with its taste and texture. They are even more nutritious if we add other ingredients like low calorie sauces to enhance their flavor.

Sausages as well as hamburgers are also one of the favorite products for parties and social gatherings, you can surprise your guests with more nutritious preparations and with an excellent flavor, and that they feed properly, with natural vegetable ingredients. In most countries of the world, processed meat sausages are one of the most consumed foods because, in addition to being very delicious, they can be found at a low price and include in different preparations. These types of meat are made with cuts and leftovers of animals, are rich in fats, in addition to contain chemical additives that are the ones that make them to be kept for a longer time, besides giving them texture and color. Many are these compounds affect our health and can have negative effects on the body when consumed on a regular basis.

  • Harmburguers organic with Cheeseand Brocoli - Ahimsa - 150 g
    Manufacturer: Ahimsa Ingredients: Season vegetables *, oats flakes *, organic cheese *, extra virgin olive oil *, albumen *, wheat protein *, fresh onion *, tapioca *, sea salt, garlic *.

  • Organic Frankfurt style Sausages - 180 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: Tofu, oil of sunflower, water, albumen, leavening of beer, sauce of soybean, Atlantic salt, species of frankfurt, seaweed to agar-agar, smoke and lecitina of soybean . Net weight:

  • Organic Tofu Sausages with fine grass - 180 g
    Sausages from organic farming with tofu Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: Tofu, oil sunflower, water, albumen, leavening of beer, Atlantic salt, species fine grass, vegetal broth, seaweed to agar-agar, jengibre and lecitina

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