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Organic Cereals

Acquiring cereals online to enrich in flavor, variety and nutrition our breakfasts has become very popular. The consumption of industrialized products based on cereals, dyes and artificial flavorings has decreased, while more and more people choose organic cereals, fruits and other natural products to start their day. There is a great variety of cereals and presentations, especially for breakfast. Among the cereals are brown rice, amaranth, oats, bulgur, corn, bran, teff, or barley swollen and pearled, many of them in the form of swollen flakes or cereals, some include ingredients that give it an additional flavor like cocoa or honey. Children also prefer crunchies with fruits or nuts, these are the ideal breakfast for schoolchildren, and will allow them to start the day with courage and develop their activities with optimal physical and mental performance.

Advantages of organic cereals

Bio cereals are a great source of vegetable protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, but above all they are a contribution in fiber that is so necessary for a good digestion. Many young people and adults prefer a breakfast that includes muesli, fruit muesli or malt, as well as swollen millet, all high in nutrients. To sweeten the molasses of rice in a good ally, and to accompany this breakfast a soluble Bio coffee, based on cereals today marks a trend in the healthy lifestyle.

A very important supplement in a healthy diet is brewer's yeast, this is a major energy input and brings a multitude of benefits. The beer yeast contains 8 essential amino acids and other essential amino acids that make up the protein. It also contains more than 14 essential minerals, including iron, copper, zinc, chromium and selenium, as well as important amounts of phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, silicon and manganese. It also contains 20 vitamins, thiamine, niacin and vitamin B. It helps in the production of cells and their regeneration, favoring a younger and fresher appearance. Brewer's yeast is the best source of chromium.

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  • Bio Crunchy fruit
      Net Weight: 375 g.   Ingredients: crunchy (oat flakes, sugar cane, coconut, rolled wheat, vegetable oil hydrogenated, raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds sunflower, honey, vanilla, sea salt), banana, sultanas, mixed fruit (figs, apricots, apples,

  • Bio Fine Oat Bran - 500 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: fine oat bran * (100%). (*) = In organic farming. Content: 500 g.

  • Bio Honey Wheat
    Ingredients: Durum wheat inflation * 68.2%, cane sugar *, honey * 13.1% vegetable fats hydrogenated. (*) = In organic farming. Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy: 381 Kj Kcal/1612 Proteins: 10 g H. carbon: 74.3 g Maximum

  • Bio rice Chocopops
    Ingredients:   Rice flour * 75%, cane sugar *, malt extract * corn, cocoa octopus * 2.8%, Cocoa desgrasado in octopus * 2.6%, emulsifier (soy lecithin) y salt. (*) = Ecological cultivation.   Nutritional analysis

  • Biological muesli
    Ingredients: * 70% grains (rolled oats *, * barley flakes and wheat flakes *), dried fruit * 23% (raisins *, apple *) and * 7% nuts (almonds *). Contains oats, barley,

  • Brewer's Yeast flakes Organic 150 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Net content: 150 g. Ingredients: Beer yeast flakes *. May contain traces of gluten, soy, sesame and nuts. (*) = In organic farming. Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy:

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