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Biscuits and Dessert

Enjoying biscuits and pastries is a pleasure for kids and large, regardless of the time of year, these are always welcome in homes all over the world. But cookies and organic pastries are the best alternative offered by the market, and you can also purchase online. The need for a nutritious food, easy to store and transport, which is preserved for some time preferably long, and practical for travel, gave rise to the cookie we know today. The first cookies were hard, dry and almost sugar free, baked after the bread to take advantage of the heat of the oven and considered an economic food, is special to feed the children. Subsequently the recipes were enriched with other ingredients such as eggs, cream, butter and sweetened with honey, molasses and fruits. These recipes are not far from the recipes of organic cookies that we can taste these days, such as baking biscuits of carob, almond, homemade biscuits or lemon or apple. In addition to these versions are very delicious malt crackers spelled, kamut and cacao. They accompany very well the children's snack at school or with the afternoon coffee. Rice cakes are also nowadays preferred by many households, in addition to their nutrients can be tasted in various flavors such as dark chocolate bio, chocolate milk with bio, yogurt or apple. These rice cakes can also be tried with ingredients such as honey, pear, quinoa, rice, rye and seven cereals, each with a unique flavor.

For those who prefer toast, these can be found with several flavors and presentations that maintain their freshness and keep them crisp until the last toast. Toasts contain ingredients such as chestnut, spelled, quinoa, wheat, buckwheat, and corn.

No doubt cookies will continue to be the favorite of children, so it is preferable to avoid industrialized products that contain processed flours, high amounts of sugars and artificial additives for the color and flavor thereof. Always prefer handmade cookies with certified organic ingredients, which guarantee a healthy diet and optimal development of our children.

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  1. €1.74

    Buy organic bread spikes.

    These spelt organic breadsticks are a delicious snack that contains a large percentage of proteins, minerals, vitamins, as well as essential amino acids.

    In Spain they are know as "colines".

    Net weight: 150 g

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  2. €2.41

    Organic apple cookies.

    These Apple Craft Cookies are made with organic apples that provide all their flavor and natural nutrients that the apple has.

    Net Weight: 250 g.

    Ingredients: whole wheat flour *, wheat flour *, apple concentrate *, sunflower oil *, water, sea salt, sodium bicarbonate and cinnamon. From organic farming.

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  3. €2.77

    Bio buckwheat roasted unsalted

    Manufacturer: El Granero

    Weight: 90 g.

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  4. €2.77

    Organic buckwheat toast with salt

    Manufcaturer: El Granero

    Weight: 90 g

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  5. €1.95

    Manufacturer: El Granero

    Ingredients:  Corn * (95%), brown rice and sea salt * Atlantic. May contain traces of gluten, sesame, soy and nuts. (*) = In organic farming.

     Weight: 120 g.

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  6. €1.95



    * Brown rice (99%) and Atlantic sea salt. (*). = From organic farming.


    Nutritional analysis per 100 g:


    Energy: 373.58 Kcal/1559, 89 Kj

    Protein: 8.20 g

    H. carbon: 79.12 g


    Sugars: 0.70 g

    Fat: 3.11 g

    Saturates: 0.60 g

    Fiber: 4.82 g

    Sodium: 230 mg


    Weight: 140 g.


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  7. €2.45

    Carob or Locust bean organic cookies

    Manufacturer: El Granero

    Net Weight: 250 g.

    Ingredients: wheat flour, water, sugar mascovado, carob flour, sunflower oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, wheat bran, cider vinegar, sea salt, and baking sódico.De farming.

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  8. €2.54


    * Wheat flour, cane sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat *, cocoa * (5%), lupine flour *, forcing agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium, cream of tartar), salt, rice malt *, emulsifier (soy lecithin) and natural flavorings. Contains gluten containing cereals (wheat and barley), soy and lupine.

    May contain traces of rye, oats, spelled, kamut, egg, milk, hazelnuts and sesame.

    Organically grown.

    Nutritional Analysis per 100g:

    Calories: 448 Kj Kcal/1885

    Protein: 7.9 g

    Carbohydrates: 71.2 g

    Fat: 14.6 g

    Net Contents: 165 gr

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  9. €1.25

    Ingredients:  Corn * (95.5%), rice interal *. (*). = From organic farming.

     Nutritional analysis per 100 g:

     Energy: 373.35 Kcal/1560, 6 kJ
     Protein: 9 g
     H. carbon: 81.2 g
     From Sugars: 0.2 g
     Fat: 1.4 g
     Saturates: 0.14 g
     Fiber: 3.58 g
     Sodium: <5 mg

     Weight: 1.16 g.

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  10. €3.05


    Kamut Khorasan flour * (64.8%), cane sugar *, hydrogenated vegetable fat *, lupine flour *, forcing agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium, cream of tartar), salt, emulsifiers (soy lecithin) and natural flavorings.

    Organically grown.

    Nutritional analysis per 100 g:

    Energy: Kcal/1856 441 Kj
    Protein: 9.2 g carbohydrates: Coming from 67.8 g Sugars: 20.3 g
    Fat: 14.8 g Saturated: 7.1 g
    Fiber: 3.2 g
    Sodium: 0.3 g

    Net content: 175 grams.

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