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Organic Brown basmati rice - 1 kg

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Manufacturer: El Granero Integral

Net weight: 1 kg.

Ingredients: Organic brown basmati rice

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Shopping Organic Brown basmati rice

Brown rice is even better than white rice, provides six times more magnesium than white, four times more vitamin E, fiber and phosphorus triple half plus potassium and about three or four times the vitamins of group B.

Brown rice with seaweed


• 1 cup brown rice

• 1 onion

• 3 tablespoons of wakame seaweed

• 2 cups water

Development of the recipe:

For 10 minutes Remojamos wakame seaweed in half a glass of water.

After casting, the sautéed with finely chopped onion over low heat.

We wash the rice and add it, stirring often to toast the rice without sticking the onion.

Besides heat the water and add the boiling brown rice left for five minutes.

After this time, lower the heat to low and we cover the pan without stirring until the rice has absorbed all the water.

More information:

Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy: 353 kcal / 1470 kJ
Protein: 8 g H. carbon: 77 g Fat: 2 g

Origin: Spain

Organic certification: CAE

Spanish Organic Agriculture Certification

European Union 
Organic Certification

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