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Cosmética Natural

Organic products for babies

In this section of the store you have a whole line of products (gels, oils, creams, etc.) designed for the little ones.

Babies need all our attention and care, in Ecological Babies you find the best alternatives for your personal care, products that protect and care for your baby's delicate skin, and the peace of mind that your baby will have an optimal diet with baby milk and papilla Bio that we offer you in our online store.

The Baby's Skin

The skin is the largest organ we have, just as it is the skin of the newborn. Beyond the characteristics like color, it is important to know that the skin of your baby is very delicate, and requires special care and products specially designed for babies, with natural ingredients of plants and others provided by nature.

When the baby is born, his skin is covered with a substance called vernix caseosa, which protects it when it is inside the uterus, at birth the baby is cleaned and removed this protective layer. Generally the skin of newborns is purple or red, this since it has not yet received direct sunlight. Subsequently and as the baby grows, your skin will change color according to its genetics and environmental factors. Temperature is a factor that affects the skin of the baby, and sometimes during the first days of life your skin may look dry or scaly.

The skin of the baby is very fine, therefore you need special products, in the store you can find a wide variety of products for your care and protection, including: body oil, cream bath, massage oil, shampoo and shower gel , shampoo and bath gel, concentrated nourishing cream, diaper cream, calendula and mauve facial cream, moisturizing cream for face and body, body milk, etc.

Diapering problems

Diapering is an irritation on the baby's skin, mainly caused in the area of ​​contact with the diaper, when it is dirty, for this reason you should change the diaper right away, since the excrement and the urine that have a very acidic pH cause the diaperitis When this happens the baby's skin can turn red, show rash and irritation, and it is a very common problem that is solved with timely diaper change, cleaning the area, bathing daily and drying the skin carefully, including folds.

  • Organic baby meal with Vegetables - 400 g
    BIOCRECIMIENTO vegetable minestrone is perfect to diversify thediet of your little as 6 months. To prepare each vegetable minestrone package approximately 250 g of fresh vegetables have been processed ,

    Out of stock

  • Organic Baby Meal SWEET OATS - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Instantaneous Papillas BIOCREMIENTO: Integral oats when being combined with the rice slightly balances its completed with the elements of the soybean and sésamo and sweetened laxative properties with concentrated apple

  • Organic baby meal SWEET CORN - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Instantaneous baby meal BIOCREMIENTO SWEETCORN is 100% biological and dextrinated suitable for babies from 4 months, and very healthy for its nutritional properties at any age. As of 4 months Ingredients: Organic

  • Organic baby meal QUINOA - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Instantaneous Organic baby meal BIOCREMIENTO with QUINOA is a 100% biological dextrinated suitable for babies from 4 months, and very healthy for its nutritional properties at any age.As of 4

  • Organic baby meal KOKOH - 400 g
    Instantaneous Papille BIOCREMIENTO KOKOH Recommended by the initiator of the “Macrobiótica”, the Japanese Jorge Oshawa, for totally complete the infantile feeding and like papilla. It contains a proportion of seaweed

  • Organic baby meal FRUIT - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    BIOCRECIMIENTO fruit is a complete food that suits children from 6 months and is reconstituted with bottled water or, according to medical advice with other appropriate nutritious liquids (milk, soy

  • Organic baby meal Carrots - 400 g
    BIOCRECIMIENTO Carrots is a complete food that can take from 6 months. From 6 months Ingredients: Organic brown rice malt, Tamari ecological, organic carrot (8%) Net Weight: 400 g

  • Organic baby meal BUCKWHEAT - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    The gluten-free buckwheat porridge is a BABY MEAL 100 % organic, it is dextrinated suitable for babies from 4 months, and very healthy for its nutritional properties at any age.As

  • Organic baby meal BIOCAROBA - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    BIOCRECIMIENTO Biocaroba contain 18% organic carob mush that this delicious fragrance that is also a cream dessert "chocolateada" without exciting appreciated by the elderly, added sugar or fat.As of: 7

  • Organic baby meal BIOCAO - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Biocao BIOCRECIMIENTO porridge contains 10% organic cocoa defatted (by cold pressing) treatment that makes its protein more digestible (23%) and concentrated the proper nutrients for infant.As of: 12 monthsIngredients: Organic

  • Organic Baby Meal 7 CEREALS WITH HONEY - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Instantaneous meal BIOCREMIENTO 7 Cereals with Honey: The combination of cereals in this papilla with the ecological milk of sojoa and sésamo covers an ample part with the daily nutritional

  • Oily Fluid Bath for babies - extra soft - 200 ml
    Special oily fluid for bathing babies and children. Bath oil for children. Provides maximum hydration and nutrition, leaving skin very emollient after daily bathing. Composition: incorporates essential Omega-6 fatty acids, Organic Jojoba

  • Baby girl gift box - natural cosmetics for newborn
    Special Organic cosmetics Baby Pack, for baby girl. Ideal as a gift. Active Ingredients: Bio Calendula, Aloe Vera Bio. Version: This Pack is for her Presentation: Pack containing 1 diaper cream, 1 moisturizer

  • Baby cosmetic pack, baby boy version - special for gift
    Special pack with natural cosmetics for baby, baby boy version. Ideal for making a baby gift Pack Type: for baby boy Presentation: The pack contains 1 cream of diaper, 1 moisturizing cream, 1

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