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Olive leaves (Olea europaea L.) - 50 g

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Olive leaves (Olea europaea L.) are used in infusion for their great medicinal benefits to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Common name: Olive tree.

Scientific name: Olea europaea L.

Presentation: Bag of 50 g.

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Shopping Olive leaves (Olea europaea L.)

Traditional use of olive leaves

Olive leaf infusion has traditionally been used to help reduce elevated blood pressure levels and to "lower blood", a term formerly used to describe the elevated presence of fats (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood.

Other uses:

- To promote urinary elimination of water in cases of fluid retention, once discarded the existence of serious pathologies by a physician.

- Traditional uses of the leaf: mild or moderate hypertension, hyperglycemia.

- Popular uses of oil: constipation, adjuvant in the treatment of hyperlipemias and in the prevention of atherosclerosis. In external use: dermatitis, dry eczema, psoriasis, burns, scalds, ichthyosis, dyshidrosis.

Description of olive tree

It is one of the most typical trees of the Mediterranean area. It is characterized by its great longevity: ancient specimens are known. It is usually cultivated in dry land to obtain its fruits: olives or olives. The olive tree is an evergreen tree, with thick and twisted trunks, sometimes exceeding ten meters in height. Its leaves are lanceolate (in the shape of a spear), intense green on the front, with a grayish color on the underside due to the presence of small scales, which reflects the sun in them, gives a silvery image. A wide variety of olive trees are cultivated, with fruits of very variable size, from the gordal to the small arbequina.

Curiosities of the olives

The olives, green or ripe and the oil, because of their great nutritive value, are basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. It has been proven that olive oil is a cardiosaludable food that helps maintain the levels of fats in the blood.

How to prepare the infusion of olive leaves

Pour a spoonful into a cup of boiling water and let stand five minutes.

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