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Organic Oats flakes - 500 g

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Manufacturer: El Granero

Ingredients: Oats flakes from organic farming.

Net Weigth: 500 g

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Shopping Organic Oats flakes

Oat flakes from organic farming

The flakes are a particular type of grain which may be oat, wheat, barley .. etc. When grain is comminuted to reduce the cooking time is called flakes. It contains lots of fiber and cereal flakes vitaminas.Los obtained from precooked cereal and pressed. As can be taken after a short cooking 3 to 5 minutes or leaving them to soak overnight.

Oats fleaks are digested. It contains more lipids and vitamins B1 and other cereals high in iron. The consumption of oatmeal consumption is adequate in cold seasons.

Nutritional Analysis per 100g:

Energy: 341 Kj Kcal/1449

Protein: 7.0 g

H. Carbon: 57 g Fat: 7.0 g

Made in Spain

Organic certification: CAE

Spanish Organic Agriculture Certification

European Union 
Organic Certification

r stews, soups, bakery in developing and even veggie burgers.

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