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Oat bran Organic - 500 g

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Especially recommended for Dukan Diet

Manufacturer: El Granero

Ingredients: Ground oat bran (100%).

Oat Bran Presentation: Pack of 500 g.

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Oat bran used in some diets, especially in the famous Dukan diet which is supported by its popularity which has come to get millions of followers in search of weight loss. The two most popular methods are thinning, reduction of satiety via gastric repletion, and the other is the intestinal heat loss. Oat bran produces heat loss, oat bran is the main cereal diets due to its broad benefits and properties.

Oat bran has many health benefits, and it is not advisable to take it only on Thursdays but every day, because of its many qualities: it absorbs more than 20 times its volume of water, reduces appetite by up to 20% more than any other food taking the same amount, reduces the passage of blood cholesterol, so does diabetes. It may take many forms, yogurt, applesauce ...

To get the best benefits of oat bran in the Dukan diet keep in mind that the oat bran is known since the 80's, but was not so popular as now. The Dukan diet has included this important cereal in your diet through effective reduction of the glycemic index and diabetes. Has also been shown that oat bran is capable of combating the problems of the colon.

Know that two tablespoons of oat bran is enough to keep your stomach quiet during the phases of thinning regime Dukan.
Many experts agree with the procedure dukan diet, just to simply include this wonderful grain that has proven so effective in intestinal transit.

Oat bran within our body creates an amazing effect of absorption, which helps eliminate calories inadvertently acquired during the thinning process. So dig emphasize that consumption of oat bran is essential for fans of the Dukan diet.

Oat bran is high in fiber level of B-glucan molecules, which helps us maintain a satiety beneficial to the desired weight loss, plus oat bran to enter the mouth absorb saliva, and then atibara take the stomach to water, creating an instant mechanical satiety.

To others when oat bran is supplemented by Dukan diet is mixed with the food bolus, so when in transit oat bran in our stomach creates a gastric attack reduces fatty acids, amino acids and glucose, which guarantees the reduction of saturated fat successfully. The diet is very well structured dukan in nutrients due to the benefits of oat bran.

Nutrition Information per 100 grams:

Energy: 396.8 kJ Kcal/1659.

Protein: 17.5 grams.

Carbohydrates: 61.6 grams

Fat: 8.5 gr.

Additional information about the Oat Bran:

May contain traces of sesame, soy and nuts.

Maximum humidity <12%.

Modified atmosphere packaging.

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