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Cosmética Natural

Natural Tree Syrup - Marnys - 1 liter

Manufacturer: Marnys

Packing: 1 litre

Ingredients: Sap of Maple and Palm 100%.

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Wipe the inside with a cleansing diet

Spring and autumn are the seasons best placed to be paid to the health benefits of cleansing diets. Not only stand up to the scale with excellent results, but that help the body to regenerate to promote the elimination of toxins.

Our liver performs many functions, including debugging toxins, manufacture bile, help digest fats, elimiar and hormones, to help absorb some vitamins, store glycogen, etc.. being therefore very important to this body as healthy as possible. It's really a company that makes and debug.

For this we should occasionally do some detoxification, treatment and disposal of liquids. Cleansing diets do. May include exclusion from the diet for the duration of the cleaning, meat, fish, dairy, coffee, snuff exciting and any refined food.

The monodietas with fruit, juices and vegetable broths are also helpful. Among the fruits we highlight the apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, grapefruits, papayas and persimmons. Among vegetables, artichokes, cardoons, onions, endive, and radishes are among the most notable.

A cure cleansing is a very serious issue that we can report great improvement in our health but should make under the supervision of a physician or trained natural therapist and to be able to interpret the symptoms of healing crisis.


Sirope of sap is made up of palm and maple sap. The palm and maple sap comes from the vast forests of maple of the North of America, where the Indians already knew the art to extract of this tree their sweet sap and to prepare with her sirope. For the cure sirope of maple is used solely and of palm, it completes harvest of the maple that contributes to the body many more mineral salts and oligoelementos that sirope of maple degree To, most current. As well as in the Nordic hemisphere there is only a type of maple that produces candy sap, in the tropic is a single class of palm of whose sap this honey is obtained, the palm of arén. Sirope of palm contains the amount of sodium and potassium for the operation of the cells and the chemical decontamination of the body...
Mixing them in the correct proportion sirope of sap, very rich in oligoelementos and other nutrients is obtained, that ensure the success of the cure, when providing next to the lemon juice, the necessary thing for the good operation of the organism during the 10 days of the cure In order to ensure the success of Cura it is very important to use sirope authentic and to reject the imitations....

Instructions for use

The authentic cure is based on the millenarian therapy of the uninformed one. Ayunar means to live by a determined time of the own reserves. Ayunar is not to pass hunger. In addition, while the cure is made, the body takes advantage of to undo of detritus, the toxicity and the superfluous fats that are had progressively accumulated in the organism, allowing the organs to regenerate and to reactivate its operation. The chemical decontamination power our mental faculties, the concentration and improve the memory.
The hard complete cure of seven to ten days, in which one is only due to ingest prepared of sirope of sap of palm and the maple and no other food. In each day they will be taken from eight to ten great glasses of the prepared one, one every two hours approximately. It is completed with a smooth laxative infusion before the first taking of the day and another one before laid down.
While está becoming the cure only infusions will be able to be taken in addition, (if it suffers some type of ailment is advisable that are specific for her) and abundant water.
After the cure it is necessary to make a correct nourishing transition of 2 to 3 days with fruit juices, vegetal fruit, broths, etc. Next it is recommended to take advantage of all the positive effect the sap cure and lemon and to continue on healthy bases of nutrition.

Every night, while we slept, ayunamos, that is that we did not ingest foods and we left the organism occupies of its same, that regenerates purifies and recovers its spent energies, to a large extent in the digestion and assimilation of food. With the breakfast we break this process of recovery and uninformed autolimpieza of the nocturnal one. The intention of the semi-uninformed one is the one to prolong this uninformed period of nocturnal, replacing the breakfast and/or has supper by two or three glasses of sirope of sap lemon and water and thus to offer to the organism greater time for its rest and recovery. So that the semi-uninformed one is more effective, it would as far as possible agree to suppress during this cure the following foods, that by their toxin content would delay the semi-uninformed purifying action of the nocturnal one: salt inserted, red meats, fried, white bread, refined flours, coffee, alcohol, carbonic drinks, milky, etc. This semi-uninformed one is recommended like preparation for people whom they love to carry out the complete cure and for those who does not feel arranged or prepared to do it, but want to reduce its weight and to improve its health.
Duration recommended between 10 and 30 days.

For a great glass of the prepared one it is needed:
1. - Two soperas Spoonfuls of juice of fresh lemon (approx 1/2 lemon)
2. - Two soperas Spoonfuls of authentic sirope of sap
3. - One picks of pepper of cayena in dust (pimentón sharp).
These Ingredients are mixed in a glass with lukewarm water or fries, to pleasure.

1. - It is very important to evacuate daily.
2. - The corporal scent can be accentuated during the uninformed accomplishment of or the semi-uninformed one.
3. - If there is hunger sensation, the number of takings can be increased.
4. - During the first days of the uninformed one they are possible to be presented/displayed occasionally, slight migraines, you feel nauseous, etc. due to the toxin expulsion (curativa crisis), that does not have any danger and will disappear.
5. - Also use sirope of sap like an excellent edulcorante and in the infantile feeding.

1. Meat and fish are denied access to the green table.

2. Vegetables, fruits and nuts are to be eaten raw. Cooking is another solution, although we should not abuse it and do it at low temperature (70 ° C). The fruit, always before meals and after two hours.

3. The fries are prohibited. If cooking, do it with little oil.

4. The bread has to impersonate the white bread, while the honey and brown sugar do the same with refined white sugar. Husked grains have to hand the baton to the grains.

5. Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices have to completely replace the consumption of soft drinks, fermented and unnatural.

6. Coffee, snuff and alcohol are stimulants to which we must resign.

7. Nor are frowned salt and hot spices and canned foods and those containing synthetic ingredients.

8. Drink at least two liters of water a day is a mandatory provision. At this dose must add a good batch of daily infusions.

9. Eating slowly is also of faith. The secret to a successful and profitable lives in chewing and digestion carefully licking food.

10. Tea is very good for the elimination of fluids, especially green tea for its diuretic properties and its low caffeine content. Green tea, also gives you health in the form of phytochemicals such as catechins antioxidants.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of children.

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Review by Sigrid
I am wanting to lose some pounds, my daughter told me about this secret, and even though it is not new, I haven\'t tried at all! Can you believe that? So I have made up my mind, and I am opting for this choice, please recommend me a brand, is this one perfect? Tell me please! (Posted on 4/27/2014)
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