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Protecting the skin from harmful rays of the sun is possible using our wide range of suntan lotion with sun protection factors from 4 to 40. Find the best brands of suntan lotions and ask for them online.

Sun effects on the skin

Exposure to the sun without sunscreens causes irreversible damage to the skin, especially on the face and areas that remain uncovered such as the cleavage, arms and legs. Excessive sunlight can cause burns that cause premature aging of the skin, as well as wrinkles, blemishes, sun allergy and even skin cancer. Suitable sunscreens and sunscreens, preferably natural ones should be used and applied half an hour before sun exposure, repeating the application of the cream several times during the day, but above all avoiding exposure to the sun in the hours of maximum light intensity. say between 12:00 and 16:00 hours, especially in places where the sun's rays fall directly. Take care of your skin with the Phytovit Bronzers in different SPF factors, and the Ultra Fast FPS - Rhatma Bronzers.

If you go to the beach, order the Tahiti Monoi tanning line with different SPF factors.

Benefits of the sun

The sun is essential for all living things, in the case of humans the rays of the sun help our body to produce vitamin D, which strengthens our bones and teeth. A few minutes of sun exposure per day are sufficient for vitamin D deposits in the body.

The sun also helps us when we have acne problems, it is good to take sunbaths daily in the early hours of the morning or even in the afternoon, solar rays in the case of babies avoid jaundice. However it is not good to spend a lot of time in the sun and without the right bronzers, ask them online and avoid injuries and minor or serious burns.

  • Tahiti Monoi oil SPF 10 - 150 ml
    Natural Monoï de Tahiti Solar sunscreen made with natural Tahiti Monoi. The Monoi protects the skin from the sun both on the beach and in the mountains, getting a beautiful tan Solar

  • Tahiti Monoi oil SPF 15 - 150 ml
    Natural Monoï de Tahiti Thaiti's monoi protects the skin at sea and in the mountains. Without drying it, helping to obtain a wonderful and natural tahitian tan.. Solar protection factor 15: For

  • Ultra Fast Suntan Lotion SPF 15 - Rhatma - 100 ml
    Brand: Rhatma Presentation: 100 ml tube. Sun Protection Factor: 15

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