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Henna tint

Hair products with Henna.

Henna is a plant used since ancient times with multiple properties for hair beauty. In our shop you will find all the hairl treatments and dyes with natural Henna to look healthy and spectacular hair.

Henna and hair

Most of the hair dyes that are available in the market have chemical components that are not good for our scalp and hair, so we offer a more natural coloring alternative such as Henna. Henna is a vegetable dye used to dye hair, penetrating the hair fiber through keratin. There are several dyes based on natural henna and you can find them in the store in the following shades: Ash Blonde, Light Brown, Black, Golden Blonde, Dark Mahogany, Neutral Color to highlight the natural color of the hair and give it greater shine, Natural Copper and Mahogany.

Although Henna is thought to give a reddish color to the hair, the intensity of color depends on the color and type of hair that each person. Henna dyes combine with other plant pigments to provide a wider range of colors.

We also offer Henna shampoos that highlight the shades of your hair, including shades of Henna Blond, Chestnut, Black, Mahogany, and additionally other products like Henna Conditioner Balm, Dandruff Shampoo, and Henna Shampoos for dry, normal and oily hair, balm for blond hair and Frequent Use shampoo.

Advantages of using Henna

Henna is used as a dye and hair conditioner, and is the only plant whose molecule binds to the capillary protein without causing harm, unlike conventional dyes, and can also be applied to the skin. It is important to note that Henna is not used to lighten the skin or hair, but it enhances the color of the hair itself and covers the hairs.

Henna does not act in the hair in the same way as a conventional dye, does not stain or discolor, but if it gives color and brings with beautiful reflections. The coloration can last between 3 and 6 months and does not damage the hair.

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