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Haircare cosmetics


Hair is a cover letter that says a lot about our health and personal appearance, and we all want to look spectacular, healthy and shiny hair. In our shop Biomanantial you find the best natural products with fine selected and ecological ingredients for the hair care of the whole family. Buy all our products online and have them in your home.

Importance of Shampoo

Hair as well as skin is influenced by multiple internal and external factors. Food, drug use and weather are important, as well as the hair products we use daily, if these include chemicals and salt can affect our scalp and hair. For this reason the choice of shampoo and hair treatments are very important. A shampoo for daily use should be natural and very soft, in the store we offer shampoos with ingredients such as Henna, Beer Yeast, Laurel, Salvia, Broom and Vine, vitaminized shampoo, with honey, camomile, Fennel, Espliego, Eucalyptus, Burdock , Orange, Coco, Tepezcohuite, clay and sulfur, etc. Look for your ideal shampoo also according to your kind of canbello, we have shampoos for normal, dry, oily hair and to combat dandruff.

Hair Dyeing with Henna

The henna is a natural element, coming from a shrub called Lawsonia inermis, and leaves are used that are dried and pulverized for the production of dyes of various shades. Henna in addition to strengthening the hair prevents the dryness caused by conventional dyes, in addition to highlighting your natural color. There are many benefits of using Henna dyes, including:

It does not discolor or damage the hair.

Highlights natural color to hair

Provides strength, so it is recommended for delicate hair.

Highlight natural brightness.

The duration of the dye lasts about three months, and is disappearing little by little.

Cover the gray

Henna is currently marketed in combination with other plants to offer other varieties of color, in the store you find hints of Henna in black, light brown, ash blond, golden blond, mahogany and natural, and you can use them as often as you want.

Other products of the capillary line that you can buy online are conditioner balms, Tepezcohuide mask to strengthen the hair and prevent its fall, capillary oils, repair masks and school shampoos vitamin and anti parasites.

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  • Balsam conditioner with Henna - Blondie Hair - 250 ml
    Balsam conditioner with henna for Blondie Hair Manufacturer: Radhe Shyam Content: 250 ml.

  • Shampoo with laurel, Weak Hair - D'Shila - 300 ml
    Manufacturer: D'Shila Presentation: Bottle of 300 ml. Ingredients:     Chamomile essential oil: toning contains hair and protects the hair pigmentation and shine.     Laurel plant extract: active and stimulating properties of invigorating scalp, contributing

  • Shampoo with Yeast, Weak Hair - D'Shila - 300 ml
    Manufacturer: D'Shila Presentation: Bottle of 300 ml. Ingredients: Brewer's yeast extract, contains abundant proteins rich in essential amino acids, B vitamins and minerals that give the hair the nutrition necessary for a

  • Shampoo with Salvia, Sensitive Hair - D'Shila - 300 ml
    Manufacturer: D'Shila Presentation: Bottle of 300 ml. Ingredients:     Salvia plant extract: has soothing, moisturizing and emollient properties that make them ideal for the care and protection of sensitive scalp.     Essential Oil Salvia:

  • Shampoo with Retama and Red Vine, Blond highlights - D'Shila - 300 ml
    Brand: D'Shila Presentation: Package of 300 ml. Ingredients: extracts of Viola tricolor, Retama and related proteins to the hair. Viola tricolor extract (thinking), soothes scalp irritation calming same. Distilled extract of red

  • Lice lotion special school-age children - 250 ml
    Anti-lice lotion for school-aged children Vitamin-based lotion that cleans and protects the delicate hair and scalp of school-age children with natural ingredients recognized for their preventive and treating effect of lice

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