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Natural Cosmetics for Babys

Creams and natural cosmetic products for babies.

Delicate baby skin care is a priority in our online store, so we offer creams and products for his care with natural products of the highest quality, so your baby can grow with healthy and protected skin.

Baby skin

The skin of the baby is very delicate and to keep it always healthy, it needs care, which will always be a concern of parents, especially when choosing hygiene products like creams, oil, shampoo among others, in the store you can find all them with the highest quality. The skin of the newborn is very fine and delicate and can be irritated easily by the urine, feces but also by allergy to certain components of your clothing or hygiene products and creams containing chemicals. For this reason, products such as shampoos, gels and creams or moisturizing lotions should be special for babies and with natural ingredients such as marigold and mauve.

The Marigold and its properties

Its scientific name is Calendula officinalis, and is a herb plant belonging to the Asteraceae family, it is native to southern Europe but can be cultivated worldwide. Calendula can heal topical lesions and provide protection against infections, flowers are used in the manufacture of products such as Body Oil, Bath Cream, Shower Gel and Shampoo, Face Cream, Nappy Cream, Body Milk and Gel Toothpaste, the complete line of these products for babies can be ordered online in our store. Calendula also has antiseptic and bactericidal properties that help protect the delicate skin of the baby.

The mallow

The mallow has emollient properties, laxatives, and decongestants from irritated or inflamed mucous membranes. Fresh flowers and leaves are used in the production of natural products. Externally it is used for skin care, and to treat such as acne and even eczema. For baby care you can find products like creams, lotions, diaper cream and others based on this medicinal plant.

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  • Baby cosmetic pack, baby boy version - special for gift
    Special pack with natural cosmetics for baby, baby boy version. Ideal for making a baby gift Pack Type: for baby boy Presentation: The pack contains 1 cream of diaper, 1 moisturizing cream, 1

  • Baby girl gift box - natural cosmetics for newborn
    Special Organic cosmetics Baby Pack, for baby girl. Ideal as a gift. Active Ingredients: Bio Calendula, Aloe Vera Bio. Version: This Pack is for her Presentation: Pack containing 1 diaper cream, 1 moisturizer

  • Baby Tummy Oil against colic - Weleda - 50 ml
    ManufacturerWeleda Presentation: 50 ml. How to Use: After warming the oil in your hands, gently massage the oil in a clockwise direction spiralling out from the navel over the tummy. Spread out towards

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