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Melatonin, for Insomnia - 60 tablets of 1.95 mg

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Uses and applications of melatonin: According to published clinical studies and evidence-based assessments, more obervados effects after taking a supplement of melatonin are:

For people who suffer from insomnia, it helps to reduce the time required to fall asleep.
For people who make long journeys, contributes to liviar the subjective feeling of jetlag (jet lag), resulting in a less disturbed sleep-wake and faster renewal of normal rhythm pace.

Recommended especially for people who work regular shifts. In these cases Melatonin promotes sleep onset.
It reduces anxiety and promotes tranquility providing sense of well being, for example, smoking cessation process.

Active Ingredients: Melatonin, Vit. B6.

Presentation: 60 tablets

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