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Tea shop and organic infusions

A selection of the best Japanese organic teas and infusions used in Macrobiotic food.

The teas and infusions that accompany a macrobiotic diet are an element that can not miss in your cupboard, buy online teas that are part of a macrobiotic diet and enjoy a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Green tea Hojicha

Green tea called Hojicha or also known as Bancha tea is a variety that results from a complex processing, since it must be roasted to charcoal, after that process of roasting, its color goes from green to reddish brown. Its origin is in Japan and is generally used to accompany sushi. Its main characteristic of slightly toasted flavor. It is a tea very rich in minerals, but it does not contain caffeine, reason why it is also recommended its consumption before sleeping.

Kukicha tea

Kukicha tea or also known as three-year tea is a natural drink that is obtained from the stems and branches of the same plant of green tea and black tea. It is called that because the stalks and tea branches that are used in its elaboration have remained in the tea plant for three years, reason why it becomes very low in caffeine but with multiple vitamins. Kukicha tea has a pleasant, unique, sweet and slightly almond flavor. It is taken cold or hot, after meals or before bed.

Lotus Root Tea

The root of Lotus or Renkon, is an edible tuber that grows under water at great depths. Among its components are vitamins and minerals, enzymes, alkaloids, and flavonoids. It is known for its therapeutic properties, tea is prepared from the dried root and acts as a diuretic and for problems of digestion. It also has a stimulating effect on the immune system.

Sencha Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea is a light-flavored and strong but slightly sweet flavored drink, and can be prepared as an infusion like green tea. Sencha tea has a high content of natural antioxidants like polyphenols and catechins, which helps reduce the action of free radicals and takes care of the cells. It is therefore recommended to prevent cancer.

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