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Japanese Specialities

Selection of the best Japanese foods. Most of these prducts are organic certified and are recommended by macrobiotic professionals.

Enjoying the best Japanese specialties is no longer something exclusive to the great restaurants of international cuisine. Prepare the most varied and healthy recipes of Japanese cuisine with the best products and buy them comfortably online. Do not waste time looking for the most varied products, all are at your fingertips in our store Biomanantial.

What is Umeboshi?

Umeboshi is traditional from Japan, and it treats a pickle of the ume, which is a plum variety that is grown in Japan also known as Japanese apricot, which must be dried and squeezed to extract all its juice. Its natural color when the umeboshi is pickled is brown, but it can also be found red, as a result of adding a herb called akajiso. Its texture can be smooth or rough, and its flavor is very acid and salty.

In Japan the umeboshi is usually accompanied with rice, also in rice balls wrapped in nori and in a variety of recipes. It is believed that umeboshi has nutritional qualities that benefit our health. In the store you find it in several presentations and products like mash and pasta of Umeboshi, the vinegar and also pickled.

What is the Mochi?

The Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made from a small Japanese grain of glutinous rice. The rice is processed until they are dough shaped and molded with the hands to shape the cakes. Although the Mochi is consumed all year, it is very traditional in Japan at New Year's parties.

This food food have various nutritional components like polysaccharides, lipids, proteins and water. The protein concentration of mochi is higher than normal rice.

Japanese dressings

The Japanese dishes are characterized by their simplicity, but also by the intensity and variety of flavors and textures. In the store you can find also other products that complement the dishes and that are obligatory ingredients of the Japanese recipes like Tofu, ginger, white Kuzu, mirín sauce, shiitake mushrooms, as well as the so popular Wasabi or Tekka powder.

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  • Buckwheat Soba noodles - organic - 250 g
    Soba noodles made with buckwheat. This soba of buckwheat stands out for its high content of proteins, calcium and for being a great contribution of energy. Manufacturer: Terrasana Net weight: 250 g. Ingredients: Sifted

  • Dried Daikon, Japanese White Radish - Terrasana - 100 g
    Dried Japanese white radish The Daikon is a Japanese radish or turnip with depurative and antiseptic properties. It is recommended to eat it to reduce cholesterol and cleanse the body. Here you

  • Japanese Brown Rice Mochi - Mitoku - 250 g
    The Mitoku brown rice mochi is made with sweet or glutinous rice, enhances our energy and strengthens the pancreas, spleen and stomach. Brand: Mitoku Net content: Package of 250 g. Ingredients: 100% Sweet

  • Japanese Powdered Wasabi - Mitoku - 25 g
    Wasabi Powder Imported from Japan Authentic wasabi made in Japan directly to your home. An opportunity to buy Japanese wasabi at a good price. Brand: Mitoku Contents of wasabi: 25 g. Ingredients: Ground horseradish,

  • Japanese Tekka , Miso Condiment - Mitoku - 80 g
    Japanese TEKKA Salted condiment prepared with miso and other ingredients The Tekka condiment is very used in macrobiotics, with a dark and intense roasted color, a dressing with many therapeutic qualities Net weight:

  • Japanese Umeboshi Plum Purée - Clearspring - 250 g
    Japanese umeboshi puree Salt-pickled plum paste Net weight: 250 g Ingredients: Japanese ume plums , sea salt, shiso (perilla) leaves .   Origin: Japan No genetecally modified ingredientes

  • Organic Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar - 150 ml
    Authentic Japanese Rice Vinegar Organic brown rice vinegar. This type of rice vinegar is widely used in Japanese cooking, is obtained from rice fermentation and is very rich in amino acids Manufacturer:

  • Organic Japanese Sushi Ginger - Clearspring - 50 g
    Ginger macerated for eat with sushi or Japanese food. This sushi ginger is certified Organic. With its fresh, zesty taste Clearspring Sushi Ginger stimulates the appetite and invigorates the taste buds.

  • Organic Japanese Umeboshi - Clearspring - 200 g
    Manufacturer: Clearspring Net weight: 200 g Ingredients: Japanese ume plums (80%), sea salt(18%), shiso (perilla) leaves (2%).   Origin: Japan No genetecally modified ingredientes

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