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Macrobiotic store

Macrobiotic food is a way of eating based on the principle of balance of Yin and Yang, according to which everything is balanced by these two forces.

In Biomantial discover our store of macrobiotic food and cooking, buy online and enjoy all the benefits of the most healthy and nutritious food that nature offers us.

What are macrobiotic foods?

"We are what we eat", this is the phrase that represents the principle of macrobiotics, which becomes increasingly popular. Macrobiotic foods are natural and healthier, macrobiotics do not use processed products, fried foods or saturated fats. The word macrobiotic means large (macro) and life (biotic). The macrobiotic diet was proposed by a Japanese physician, George Ohsawa, based on the Zen Buddhist philosophy. It is an extreme form of vegetarianism.

The main objective of this type of diet is not to lose weight, but to enjoy healthy and natural foods with little cooking and considering the specific properties of each food.

Foods that excel in macrobiotic cuisine can be found easily with a click in our online store. Find brown rice and Semi-Integral, Azukis, Beans, Organic Spelled, Gomasio, White Kuzu, Miso of rice and cebda, Mochi of brown rice, Seitan, Soba, and many other products including pickles and sauces like Bio Shoyu, Tamari, and Mirin. You can also buy Bio Sesame Oil, Bio Rice Molasses, Umeboshi Japanese Bio Pasta, and Rice and Umeboshi vinegars.

The seaweed

These constitute a fundamental base in macrobiotic food and cooking, and in the store you will find the different edible algae to include in your dishes such as Agar Agar, Wire, Dulse, Sea Spaghetti, Hijiki, Kombu, Irish Moss, Dehydrated Nori , Nori for Sushi, Wakame, Algae Salad, and Wasabi powder, all these products guaranteed and in presentations that preserve its freshness and quality.

Foods allowed in macrobiotic cuisine are fish, shellfish, whole grains, seeds and nuts, fermented soybeans, seasonal vegetables and fruits and of course tea.

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  • Bamboo Sushi Mat - Mitoku
    Bamboo mat for making sushi. Essential accessory for cooking a good sushi plate. Simply put a sheet of seaweed to make sushi on top of the mat, cover the sheet with a

  • Barley Malt Syrup Organic
    Barley malt is a thick, dark, slow-digesting sweetener made from sprouted barley. It has a malt-like flavor. Some say barley malt is to beer as grapes are to wine. It

  • Barley Organic MISO - Danival - 390 g
    Manufacturer: Danival Net weight: 390 g. Ingredients: Barley, soybean, sea salt, water.

  • BIO SHOYU (Wheat and Soy Sauce) - 500 ml
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Net Weigth: 500 ml  Ingredients: water, soy, wheat, koji (wheat *, a.oryzac) and sea salt. Organic farming. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Calories: 54 Kj Kcal/226 Protein: 7.5 g H. Carbon: 5.8 g Fats:

  • BIO TAMARI (Soy Sauce) - El Granero - 250 ml
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Net Weight: 250 ml Ingredients: water, soybeans, koji (soy, yeast) and sea salt. Organic farming. Nutritional Analysis per 100 g: Calories: 70 Kj Kcal/293 Protein: 10 g H. carbon: 7.50 g Fats: 0.10 g

  • Brown Rice MISO Organic - Danival - 390 g
    Manufacturer: Danival Nettogewicht: 390 g. Ingredients: Brown rice, soybean, sea salt, water. Organic certification: AB

  • Brown rice organic - 1 kg
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Contents: 1 kg. Zutaten: Rundkornreis *. Kann Spuren von Gluten enthalten, Soja, Sesam und Nüssen. (*) = In der ökologischen Landwirtschaft.

  • Buckwheat organic - 500 g
    Buckwheat grain, from organic farming, at a good price. High quality organic Buckwheat gluten-free. The best buckwheat to buy, for price and quality. Net weight: 500 g. Ingredients: Organic buckwheat.

  • Buckwheat Soba noodles - organic - 250 g
    Soba noodles made with buckwheat. This soba of buckwheat stands out for its high content of proteins, calcium and for being a great contribution of energy. Manufacturer: Terrasana Net weight: 250 g. Ingredients: Sifted

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