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Lemon Detox Diet - Save Pack

The Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation Sensation, is a simple and enjoyable way of obtaining a healthier, cleaner being


*All you need for making the "Syrup and lemon diet" for 10 days (7 days complete fast and 3 days "by-pass")*.


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 Syrup diet Pack

 You not only lose pounds but you gain health
This treatment is ideal for detoxifying the organism. This is not a medicine or a form of nutrition, but cure w a base of lemon juice and maple syrup that provides the body the possibility of recuperating itself, increase its defenses, free excess fat deposits, produce new antibodies, conserve the general well being and the full capacity for efficiency.

What is maple syrup?
The authentic maple syrup C+ and that of palm sap, obtained from palm trees cultivated in the tropics. The maple sap C+ comes from the vast maple forests of North America, where the Indians have long known the art of extracting from this tree the sweet sap and from it preparing the delicious syrup.
For the cure you only use the maple syrup C+, this supplies to the body many more mineral salts and trace elements.
With this treatment you will note an important improvement to your health. Acne, headaches, hair, blood pressure, wherever your ills are is where you will note the most improvement.

What is the weight loss like?
From 5 to 10 pounds in a week. At first you may reduce by 2 0r 3 pounds a day. About the 5th day you begin to lose fat.

For how long should you use this?
One week, but you can go longer but only under a doctors supervision. If you go a week it would not be necessary to visit the doctor.

Two forms of treatment.
Complete fast: For one week all you take is the prepared syrup.
Semi-fast: The idea of the semi-fast it to substitute dinner with two or three glasses syrup, water and lemon. This treatment should last 30 days, being able to eat normal meals with moderation the rest of the time.

Method of preparation
To a 250 ml glass of water add: Two tablespoons of natural fresh lemon juice, 30ml. Two table spoons of maple syrup, 30ml. A pinch of spicy páprika. Mix well and it is ready to drink.
For the weight loss diet you should take 10 glasses daily of this drink.
Preparation for the entire day: Two and a half liters of water. 20 tablespoons of natural fresh lemon juice, 600 ml. 20 tablespoons of maple syrup, 600ml. cucharadas four pinch of spicy páprika.
To finish the cure one should do a "by-pass" of 3 days eating only fruits and vegetables and then return to a well balanced diet so as not to regain the lost weight.


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Review by S.R. Lancs
I recently completed the 10 days Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation System. The system was easy to use and the diluted Natural Tree Syrup was very pleasant. I can recommend this system to anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t experience any side effects at all and felt well throughout. My energy levels were just as high, even though I had no food at all for the duration. I intend to repeat this detox diet every six months. (Posted on 7/15/2005)
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