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L-GLUTAMINE - 100 Tablets of 1 g

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Manufacturer: Nutri Sport

Presentation: 100 tablets with 1 g of L-Glutamin each one

Ingredients: L-Glutamine y L-Celulose

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L-Glutamine Tablets

L-Glutamine is a nonessential amino acid most abundant in muscle tissue, hence its supplementation is essential to obtain the desired muscle development. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed its benefits, especially for those athletes who are training requires a high muscle wasting.


Glutamine is an amino acid considered "semi-essential" because our body is able to produce it but in certain situations such as stress, trauma, infections, intense workouts, protein malnutrition not produce enough for we need an extra supply. The amino acid glutamine is the primary muscle constituting nearly 2/3 of the free amino acid deposits in skeletal muscles. In a state hypercatabolic (train), the amino acid glutamine is further depleted and also the last to be replaced due to detoxification and energy production by muscle. There is a positive correlation between the rate of muscle glutamine and protein synthesis rate after intensive training. A low level of glutamine in skeletal muscle protein synthesis decrease.

Two of the main benefits of glutamine are glycogen facilitate recovery and promote protein synthesis


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