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INTIMATE OLEVM by Pompeia - 50 ml

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Intimate Feminine Cosmetics.

The INTIMATE OLEVM  of Pompeia is a product of intimate feminine hygiene that takes care of and protects the intimate zone, with a pleasant aroma.

The INTIMATE OLEVM achieves a goal pursued by both researchers and doctors and users: prevention, well-being and quality of life.

Presentation: 50 ml glass bottle.

Application: It can be applied at any age and in the whole body, even in the presence of blood or pus.

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Description of the intimate olevm di Pompeia:

It satisfactorily covers the feminine needs of care, protection and intimate hygiene. Protects, lubricates and minimizes unwanted effects such as dryness (compresses and menopause), allergies (condoms), irritation and itching (waxing). Recommended for before and after sex. A high-end cosmetic has been achieved with healing, antiseptic, fungicidal, soothing, etc. properties, which makes it the best coadjuvant in treatments of candida albicans, cystitis or other pathologies concerning the intimacy of women as well as in hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The rhythm of life that the woman prevails at present makes it essential that she knows and uses it daily, since the appearance of certain problems of irritations and allergies are favored. Its elegant and at the same time discreet presentation together with its effectiveness confer it as the irreplaceable partner of the woman.

Who can benefit?
Any woman, with no age limit.

What can it be used for?
In the vulvar and perineal areas it has been shown to be effective in all symptoms (itching, stinging, dryness, odor, etc.)

What immediate effects does it bring?
Well-being, relief.

Are there circumstances to not use it?
It can be used in any circumstance of daily life and at any age (even in the presence of blood or pus). However it is recommended that your gynecologist is informed.

Composition of the Intimate Olevm: Oils of plants and fruits such as chamomile, wheat germ, calendula, avocado, peach and tea tree oil. Without alcohol.

Additional information on le Oleum intimate di Pompeia:

The intimate Olevm di Pompeia has been created with the aim of minimizing the daily discomfort suffered by all women in our privacy, whether by acrylics, celluloses, tampons or by our nature: odors during menstruation, dryness in menopause, itching, or any other skin disorder.

A natural intimate cosmetic that provides great satisfaction for its protective effect on the mucous membranes, in the vulvar area.

A true pleasure for the senses

Its color is natural, intense yellow, clean, transparent; of elegant and insinuating aroma of ripe peach and vanilla; stimulates the senses for its harmony in fragrance and softness, becoming in sexual relations much more than a lubricant, its pleasant, warm and velvety touch gives feeling of well-being and quality of life.

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