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Natural Candies

Enjoy the best candies with natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal plants is possible in our online store, four varieties of candy that will help you heal in a sweet way those throat discomforts so annoying in the flu states. Our candies contain natural ingredients such as echinacea, honey, sage, santasapina and vitamin C.

Sore throat: Causes

In infants and preschool children, the most common cause for sore throat is a viral infection. In these cases no specific virus-specific medicine is needed, and the child will improve over a period of seven to ten days. Another cause for sore throat in children is the cold. In this case the Salvia candies will be a good choice that you can easily acquire in the store.

Another cause is Coxsackie virus, which sometimes causes a high fever, difficulty swallowing and malaise, is also known as hand-foot-mouth disease, in this case will be very effective Echinacea caramels, that we offer you in the online store.

In addition to sore throat, there are more serious conditions such as pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Tonsillitis refers to inflamed tonsils, while Pharyngitis is a bacterial infection caused by streptococcus. When you have pharyngitis, the tonsils become very inflamed and also affect the throat. You can find relief for all these symptoms and discomfort with Santasapina candies.


Infections of the throat are usually transmitted by contagion, through the air and in the form of tiny drops that come from the face or hands of an infected person. For that reason, it is always good to wash your hands and maintain optimal hygiene, and proper nutrition. Children and adults who regularly engage in sports are less likely to get these viruses.

If the sore throat is a symptom of hay fever or other allergy, together with your doctor you should look for the causes or factors that trigger these allergies. The candy in the store can help with the discomfort, but you may also need to take an allergy medicine.

  • Bonbons with Echinacea - A.Vogel - 75 g
    Filled Bonbons with Echinacea concentrate, blackcurrant and natural vitamin C Product Description Delicious bonbons filled with Echina C Echinaforce ®, black currant and acerola powder rich in vitamin C naturally. Bringing

  • Echinacea Candies - A.Vogel - 30 g
    Manufacturer: A . Vogel - Bioforce Packaging: 30 gComposition: Glucose syrup, sugar cane integral, pure honey, herbal extract, echinacea extract of fresh plant (Echinaforce), butterscotch, peppermint essential oil, natural menthol, citric

  • Sage Bonbons - A.Vogel - 75 g
    Manufacturer: A. Vogel - Bioforce Presentation: 100 g Ingredients: whole cane sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, water, ♣ sage extract *, citric acid, apple juice concentrate, acerola powder, pure honey, herbal

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