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Cosmética Natural

Healthy Home products

In this section of our store you can find objects and products for a healthy and natural life. In our section of natural house you will find some home and health products, very practical and useful, which enhance the qualities of a healthy life and the simplicity of implements that can be used for various purposes.

When we prepare certain Japanese recipes or make our mixes to make homemade preparations, the utensils are indispensable elements that facilitate this task, as well as the articles that assure us natural health and quality of life.

  • AROMISAC - Thermal bag for a natural break
    Aromisac is a stuffed sack of 11 different kinds of seeds: Chamomile, Rosemary, Mint, Cinnamon, White willow, yarrow, valerian root, lavender, basil, flaxseed.Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes and

  • Bamboo Sushi Mat - Mitoku
    Bamboo mat for making sushi. Essential accessory for cooking a good sushi plate. Simply put a sheet of seaweed to make sushi on top of the mat, cover the sheet with a

  • Rose of Jericho
    Rose of Jericho: An amazing Desert Flower The Rose of Jericho is strange wonder of nature that can live for centuries without water and soil - it can withstand strong heat

  • SURIBACHI + SURIKOGI - Mitoku - 25,5 cm
    The Bowl (Suribachi) + The Pestle (Surikogi) How To Use Place the suribachi on your work top. The bottom of the bowl is unglazed so you may need to protect

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