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SUNATUR - Flat belly and anti-sagging cream - 200 ml

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Sunatur by Natysal is an intensive action-reducing evening cream with flat belly and anti-sagging effect.

This product has excellent fat burners, circulatory and has the best natural ingredients in body cosmetics to improve the condition of the orange skin.

Active Ingredients: Caffeine, Rusco Extract, Fucus Extract, Laminaria digitata Extract

Presentation: Tube of 200 ml

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Sunatur is a night action cream that allows us to eliminate all that fat that leaves the adipocyte or cell of fatty tissue to the surface of the epidermis. As a result of this (fat cell saturation), collagen and skin degrades and there are circulatory failures as well as accumulate toxins in this altered area, is what is known as cellulite.

Manufacturer: Natysal

Properties of the active ingredients:

Caffeine: Activator of circulation.
Rusco extract: Anticellulite.
Fucus extract: Slimming.
Extract of Laminaria digitata (Laminaria): Anticellulítico.
Green Tea Extract: Firming, activating circulation.
Carnitine: Stimulating cellular metabolism.
Lemon oil: Decongestant.
Rosemary Extract: Antioxidant.
Asian Centella Extract: Anticellulite.
Lithothanium Calcareum Extract: Skin Protector.
Essential oil of lemon and rosemary: Tonic and refreshing.
Menthol / Camphor: Vasodilator, refreshing, circulation activator.
Extract of Capsicum Oleorensis (Capsicum): Tonic-heat.

How to use:

Apply a layer of cream, using gentle circular massages over the desired area (hips, thighs, belly, buttocks and legs) until completely absorbed. Use at night, after shower or bath on perfectly dry skin. Sports people can also use it before starting sports activity.

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