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PRO MATCH Energy recover - GSN - 20 x 30 ml

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Manufacturer: GSN

Flavour: Lemon

Content: 20 vials of 30 ml

Availability: In stock


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GSN-PRO MATCH, because it contains Glutamine, replenishes lost amounts of the amino acid L-Glutamine to drop significantly after practicing intense physical activity. The availability of very low concentrations of L-Glutamine for extended periods of time leads, among other effects, a progressive loss of muscle performance.

GSN-PRO MATCH provides mineral salts lost during exercise because of its sodium content, Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc.

GSN-PRO MATCH vial supplied by 25% of the Daily Value of Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

GSN-PRO MATCH Concentrated Liquid is a product of fast absorption Energetical designed as an ace Recoverer well as an Inhibitor of Lactic Acid. The formulation includes Glutamine peptides, two different Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Mineral Salts.

GSN-PRO MATCH is a concentrated energy recuperator specifically formulated to:

Strengthen the replenishment of energy reserves (muscle and liver glycogen) and speed recovery after exercise.

  • Combat the effects of intense training and fatigue by reloading lost levels of the amino acid L-Glutamine.
  • Rehydrate and replenish minerals and vitamins.
  • Inhibit the lactic acid.

GSN-PRO MATCH provides high in carbohydrates (glucose and glucose oligosaccharides) of high glycemic index and optimal gastric emptying, thereby facilitating the rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen.

Recommended dosage: 1 phial During exercise and 1 or 2 more phials, Depending on the effort made after exercise.

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