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GSN Pro Master 85

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GSN-85 MASTER PRO combines three different types of proteins:

Ultrafiltered whey. This Whey (serum in English) is available for full biological value protein (104) and, when subjected to ultrafiltration, protein contributes an amount of less than 82%.

Soy protein isolate, advanced protein isolation technique allows us to obtain a product containing over 90% pure protein and amino acid profile, especially branched and Essentials, ideal for building muscle at an advanced stage.

ISOLATED whey C.F.M. Basis also of insulation technique and subjecting the whey protein to a process for Crossflow Microfiltration (CFM Acronyms in English) is achieved almost entirely eliminate the fat, lactose and protein cholesterol achieving a purity of 93% of maximum value and of biological .

The product is supplemented with vitamins and digestive enzymes that facilitate the assimilation of proteins.


• Ultrafiltration Whey protein isolate + + Isolated Whey CFM


• With Vitamins and digestive enzymes


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