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Gsn Podium Premium - strawberry

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GSN-PODIUM PREMIUM is an innovative concept in sports nutrition whose ingredients are:


Ultrafiltered whey protein: protein is the source of most use and one of the richest in essential amino acids and branched.


Glutamine Peptides: Glutamine provide an amino acid that should be present in our diet especially when our body is subjected to intense physical activity.


Oligosaccharides of glucose: are carbohydrates derived from starch and glucose provide the source of energy is more easily usable by our muscles.


Creatine: is a natural substance that uses our muscle at the time that there is a strong demand for energy for a short time.


Vitamins and minerals: are all essential substances for the optimal functioning of our body.Ultrafiltered whey protein, carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine,11 vitamins,10 minerals.

Flawor: strawberry

Net Weight: 1 Kg


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