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GSN Iso Energy

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GSN ISO-ENERGY is a beverage rich in carbohydrates, high glycemic index. It also contains minerals (sodium, potassium, chloride and citrate).


ISO-ENERGY GSN used as energy source only glucose that is the carbohydrate utilization better and faster. This product contains no table sugar (sucrose), or fructose, low glycemic index also is absorbed and metabolized more slowly.


ISO-ENERGY GSN any supplements is ideal when the need for the practice of sport is an extra dose of energy.


Osmolarity: ISO-ENERGY GSN, prepared according to directions for use (160 g / l) is an isotonic drink immediately absorbed tene an osmolarity of 288 mOsm / l. (Body fluid osmolarity: 297 mOsm / l).


Purpose: ISO-ENERGY GSN is specially designed for those athletes who play sports that last up to an hour and consequent-mind, require a source of energy during practice thereof. This product is also recommended to facilitate recharging of energy reserves during breaks or at the end of exercise.


ISO-ENERGY GSN prevents depletion of energy reserves and loss of minerals, therefore ISO-ENERGY GSN facilitates sport by delaying physical exhaustion while promoting optimal recovery of the body's energy reserves.


ISO-ENERGY GSN no produces dopping.

GSN ISO-ENERGY drink is a very rich in Carbohydrates glucemic of high level. Also contains mineral salts it. ISO-ENERGY GSN is the perfect product to cover the extra needs of energy During the exercise.


Recommended dosage: Seven measuring scoops in half liter of water.


Flavours and Content per unit: 720 grams = 4.5 liters of drink. Orange.


• Glucose and glucose oligosaccharides


• Mineral salts


• Vitamins


• Orange Flavor


• 720 g to 4.5 liters of drink


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