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GSN Creatina 125 - 500 g

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CREATINE GSN-125 is a formulation combining 25% of Pure Creatine Monohydrate with a 71% of Carbohydrates. Recent studies of the Queen's Medical Centre (Nottingham. UK) Have Shown That Creatine accumulates up to 60% more than usual When taken in combination with a concrete mix of different carbohydrates.


Recommended dosage: Since first day, until, day 5, take 80 grams of GSN-Creatine 100 daily, half an hour before training. After Day 5, take 10 grams of product daily, 30 minutes before training.


• Carbohydrates Creatine Monohydrate with to enhance their accumulation in muscle


• Lemon Flavor


• Net weight 500 g


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Creatine is an intermediary product of metabolism in the liver formed and accumulated primarily in the musculature. To understand their role must continue the process of energy production, given that the primary source of muscular energy is ATP.


During muscle contraction, ATP is converted into ADP and thus generates energy. In turn, the ADP to ATP reconverted to continue the cycle energy release. When there is a demand for rapid muscle strength, creatine helps the conversion of ADP to ATP is faster with the consequent release of energy.


Muscle Creatine normally replenished by the synthesis carried out in the liver as well as with the diet (primarily meat and fish) and, logically, through specialized accessories. Studies conducted by Dr. Green and Greenhaff the Queen's Medical Center (Nottingham. United Kingdom) have shown that the accumulation of creatine in muscle is increased by up to 60% when taken with a formula rich in carbohydrates, in a process that appears to be mediated by insulin (Am. J. Physiol. 1996).

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