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Gluten-free Food and Bakery

The bakery is the food most demanded by children and not so children who can not take gluten. That's why we have a wide range of gluten-free pastries

Even people suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance can enjoy a delicious breakfast that includes several healthy options such as Choco Croissants or buns, chocolate cereal balls or honey balls. Guys and big eat healthy with these and other products of the store, gluten free.

Importance of breakfast

Breakfast provides us with the nutrients and energy that the body of children, youth and adults needs, after many hours of fasting. Without a good breakfast, day-to-day activities such as study, sport or work can not be done optimally, which is more serious for children and young people who are growing and developing. Many times the custom of not having breakfast or having an appropriate lunch at school impacts on children's moods and even poor performance. The same thing happens at work, when there is pressure and stress.

A breakfast brings many benefits, in the case of celiac is more complicated, since they should avoid foods containing gluten, or replace them with gluten-free alternatives, which for breakfast may include spelled swollen or spelled swollen with honey, delicious and practical options.

For the children's lunch you can buy choco cakes, muffins, muffins, or cocoa cookies all gluten free, in individual packages to guarantee their quality, smoothness and flavor, as well as containing all the nutrients they need.

Benefits of balanced breakfast

A good breakfast positively influences nutritional status, and mood, because it improves the balance of energy and nutrients that the body needs to start the day.

Improves physical performance. Without breakfast you will soon feel fatigue from lack of energy, and so does memory, concentration, and creativity, as breakfast increases glucose.

Another very important aspect is that breakfast helps us to maintain a better weight, and not feel hungry during the first hours of the morning. This habit should be developed, and even better if you can have breakfast with your family. The carbohydrates that are transformed into glucose are those that provide the necessary energy to the body and are basic, in addition that the breakfast provides nutrients like vitamins and minerals that we need every day.

  • Organic Cereals Balls with chocolate - 200 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Net content: 200 g. Ingredients: * 68% cereals (rice flour *, corn * and wheat *), cane sugar *, coverage milk chocolate * 5% (* cane sugar, milk powder

  • Plum cake with Chocolate Gluten free - 250 g
    Plum cake with chocolate Gluten free Manufacturer: Proceli Net weight: 250 g.

  • Swollen Spelt Honey Bio
    Ingredients: swollen spelled * (80%), honey * (20%). May contain traces of sesame, soybeans, nuts and walnut. (*) = In organic farming. Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy: 384.7 kJ Kcal/1632 Proteins: 11 g H. carbon:

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