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Gluten Free Bread

Enjoying bread and all its derivatives is a pleasure that has a long history in humanity, and was a great contribution to a healthy, complete diet, with the carbohydrates needed to have energy, to be able to conserve nutrients for longer and to transport them easily. Bread has become the indisputable ally of breakfast in the vast majority of countries, and innumerable recipes and innovations have been developed in their form, texture and presentation.

When you suffer from celiac disease or some form of gluten intolerance, bread and other bread products, including wheat flour and other gluten-containing cakes and biscuits, become an enemy to health, and should be avoided at all costs. like most processed foods that can contain it in its ingredients, even in very small quantities.

Gluten and Celiaquía

Celiac disease involves damage to the lining of the small intestine. This damage is caused by a reaction consuming a protein called gluten, this is found in wheat, barley, rye and also in oats, and clear foods or prepared menus containing gluten, which causes the intestine can not absorb nutrients well, and in many cases causes malnutrition along with other symptoms. The disease can appear at any time in life from breastfeeding to adulthood, and people with relatives who are suffering from it are more likely to have the disease.

Gluten-free bread products

The cause for this disease is still unclear. Meanwhile, a gluten-free diet must be developed, for which gluten-free products have been developed, which offer the same flavor, texture and quality characteristics as those made with flours. they have gluten, but with the assurance that they will protect our health. In our online shop you can find a wide variety of breads such as baguette vienes, bread biscotti, pizza bases, ciabatta bread, and mold bread with and without crust, so you can prepare delicious sandwiches for breakfast or dinner as well as bread Hamburger, Panini Vienes or the flour bread mix so you can make your own breads, cakes and cookies. All these products are guaranteed and gluten free.

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