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Gluten Free Food

Gluten-free diet consists on to eliminate food products derived from wheat, rye, barley and oats, both varieties, hybrids and derivatives.

Many of the most popular foods we consume daily contain gluten, however there are many people who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and should avoid them. Celiac people can consume all the foods that gluten-free nature offers us, but in the case of processed products it is more complicated, since with the technologies in the food industry gluten is used in most processed products and is hidden in certain ingredients.

Celiac patients can also consume products similar to those with gluten, which are clearly identified as gluten-free, and are characterized by having a logo. However, celiac patients should also observe this detail in nutritional supplements, medicines, additional menu ingredients and flavorings or binders that may contain gluten.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a group of very small proteins, specifically contained in the flour of cereals such as wheat, but also in barley, rye oats, or any of its varieties and hybrids such as spelled and kamut, as well as oats. Gluten is composed of prolamins and glutelins, much appreciated because they make elastic to the masses with flour, and that they have volume, to be baked.


Gluten is not necessary for humans, and can be replaced by other animal or vegetable proteins when a gluten-free diet is needed. The main source of protein is obtained from foods of animal origin such as meat, milk, dairy, eggs and fish. However it is possible to enjoy foods like bread, cookies, and cakes with a similar flavor and an identical spongy texture, and can be bought with the guarantee and confidence offered by the store, with a single click you can taste gluten-free products like baguettes, muffins, croisants, pizza bases, breakfast cereals, biscuits and also gluten-free flour mix to prepare your own recipes as well as baby food.

  • Corn balls with honey Bi
    Ingredients: * 80.7% maize (corn flour and malt extract * Corn *) * 16% brown sugar, honey * 2% and 1% salt. (*) = In organic farming.   Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy:

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Plum Cake - 180 g
    Gluten-free delicious chocolate plum cake The Proceli Gluten Free Chocolate Plum Cake is a chocolate cake for celiac people, very fluffy and with a delicious chocolate flavor. It is ideal for

  • Organic baby meal BUCKWHEAT - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    The gluten-free buckwheat porridge is a BABY MEAL 100 % organic, it is dextrinated suitable for babies from 4 months, and very healthy for its nutritional properties at any age.As

  • Organic baby meal Carrots - 400 g
    BIOCRECIMIENTO Carrots is a complete food that can take from 6 months. From 6 months Ingredients: Organic brown rice malt, Tamari ecological, organic carrot (8%) Net Weight: 400 g

  • Organic baby meal QUINOA - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Instantaneous Organic baby meal BIOCREMIENTO with QUINOA is a 100% biological dextrinated suitable for babies from 4 months, and very healthy for its nutritional properties at any age.As of 4

  • Organic baby meal SWEET CORN - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g
    Instantaneous baby meal BIOCREMIENTO SWEETCORN is 100% biological and dextrinated suitable for babies from 4 months, and very healthy for its nutritional properties at any age. As of 4 months Ingredients: Organic

  • Organic baby meal with Vegetables - 400 g
    BIOCRECIMIENTO vegetable minestrone is perfect to diversify thediet of your little as 6 months. To prepare each vegetable minestrone package approximately 250 g of fresh vegetables have been processed ,

    Out of stock

  • Organic Cereals Balls with chocolate - 200 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Net content: 200 g. Ingredients: * 68% cereals (rice flour *, corn * and wheat *), cane sugar *, coverage milk chocolate * 5% (* cane sugar, milk powder

  • Organic Corn Flour- 1 kg
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: corn flour * 100% (*) = Organically grown.. Weight: 500 g.

  • Swollen Bio Barley - 100 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: Organic Swollen barley Net content: 100 g

  • White Rice Bio - El Granero - 1 kg
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral Contents: 1 kg. Ingredients: * 100% white rice. May contain traces of gluten, sesame, soy and nuts. (*) = In organic farming.

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