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Exhaustion, Tiredness, Weakness natural remedies

Supplements or vitamin complexes to recover from exhaustion or physical and intellectual fatigue or high level of exigency.

Vitamin complexes have proven to be very useful in the treatment of fatigue and exhaustion, characteristic symptoms of the stress that we are living today, the product of our fast-paced lifestyle. In addition, our daily activities have increased and we have less time to dedicate to the preparation of our food, causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies in our body.

What is a Vitamin Complex?

A vitamin complex is a product that contains vitamins and is usually used when there is a certain deficiency at some point in life, or when food is deficient, when there is a severe stress state, or in the case of athletes who require quantities extra vitamins due to the needs of your body.

There are multivitamins that contain several different vitamins and minerals, including vitamins and minerals, royal jelly for children and adults, among others.

It is recommended to consume them with a juice or with the meals for a better absorption. Do not forget to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Tiredness and Exhaustion

The fatigue and exhaustion not only the need to stop our activities and rest, often becomes fatigue limiting our daily activities, and causing inconveniences in the emotional and social. It can be caused by stress, depression or other physical factors. Patients gradually lose their energy, which can last for months, causing other symptoms such as general body weakness, headaches, poor appetite, low defenses and performance, lack of sexual desire, etc.

Mental and Emotional Fatigue prevents adequate concentration, lowers memory and performance in daily activities, as well as presenting symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, irritability and in extreme cases depression.

In our shop we have a wide variety of products that help us to treat this problem like capsules for better physical or mental performance, magnesium with collagen, magnesium carbonate, propolis, pollen, melatonin, capsules to improve the immune system and defenses , Appetite Syrup, Ginseng, Soy Lecithin, Brewer's Yeast, Magnesium Alone, and Magnesium Chloride among others.

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