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Supplements for Kids

The dietary supplements for kids that we offer in the store are made from natural products, and are the basis for a balanced and nutritious diet, as they are a complement of vitamins, minerals and other elements that your body needs, as well as to treat deficiencies in certain moments of their development, treat common diseases or when we have children and young athletes, with special needs in their diet.

Lack of appetite

The lack of appetite in children, especially in young children is a very common problem that causes many parents anxiety, but it is important to know that there are some factors that affect this problem, it is often only that the child usually has little usually appetite or that household food habits have that effect as a result. In our shop you can find natural syrup to open the children's appetite, as well as vitamins and supplements that help this purpose. It is very important to resort to these aids, since lack of appetite influences the development and growth of children. Approximately 3% of children have food allergies and another higher percentage is affected by poor food.

Children will go through stages of greater or lesser appetite in their early years, and in this case there is no need to worry, however there are some causes that should be discarded, and that have an effect on lack of appetite or a very heavy weight low.

Chronic diseases: It can occur in infants or preschoolers who have no appetite, they may have an associated disease, and it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Traumatic Situations: When a child is not hungry due to some kind of traumatic situation it is necessary to consult with a psychologist, and with the help of parents, to help children overcome this trauma. On the other hand parents often think that the child eats little, however if he eats enough for his or her surroundings and age. It is always necessary to know the true needs and requirements of the child according to their age.

Special Needs of Children

Children are in continuous growth and development, and for these they have special requirements. It is important to supplement your diet. In the store you can find complements with royal jelly, pollen and honey, propolis, iron, vitamins and minerals.

  • ENERGISAN CHILDREN Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey - 15 Vials
    Manufacturer:Pinisan Presentation: 15 vials of 10 ml. Active Ingredients (per vial): Royal Jelly 300 mg, 200 mg Honey, Propolis 120 mg, calcium glycerophosphate 40 mg, Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 2.8 mg, Banana,

  • Propolis - Extract, 50 ml
    Manufacturer: Pinisan Presentation: Bottle of 50 ml Composition: Ext. glycerine Propolis (100 mg flavonoids expressed in galangine). Dosage: Take 10 drops, 3 times a day, alone or diluted in water or fruit juice.

  • Magnesium Lactate - Ana María Lajusticia - 109 Tablets
    Magnesium Lactate Tablets. Indicated in diarrheal diseases (also in children with magnesium deficiency). Manufacturer: Ana María Lajusticia Presentation: 109 Tablets Content per tablet: Magnesium Ion 45 mg (12% VRN).  * VRN: Nutrient Reference Values 

  • Goodbye Scarves, Syrup to strengthen children's defenses - 250 ml
    Manufacturer: Pinisan Active Ingredients: Honey, propolis extract, juice fig, echinacea extract, Vitamin C, marshmallow extract, plantain extract, orange extract, glycerin, cranberry juice concentrate, aroma of berries. Presentation: Bottle of 250 ml.

  • To sleep, Syrup to relax and to induce sleep - 250 ml
    Manufacturer: Pinisan Presentation: Bottle of 250 ml. Active Ingredients: Honey, lemon balm, orange extract, Avena sativa extract, hops extract. Aroma of berries, sweetener, potassium sorbate, glycerin and purified water.

  • To eat, Appetite syrup - 250 ml
    Manufacturer: Pinisan Presentation: Bottle of 250 ml. Active Ingredients: Honey, Jelly, Quina, Pollen, Rose Hips, Wormwood, Vitamins B3, B1, B2, A. Aroma of wild berries, sweetener, potassium sorbate, glycerin and purified water.

  • LINOFORCE Natural constipation remedy - A.Vogel - 300 g
    Constipation remedies containing herbal ingredients such as linseed, senna and frangula have been used for decades Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce Presentation: 300 g

  • SALULLANT Cough Syrup - Salus - 250 ml
    Brand: Salus Net Content: 250 ml. Ingredients: Sucrose, Honey (35%), Buckthorn plantain extract (26%) (Plantago lanceolata L.) (5%), Sheets sage, fennel, Lichen of Iceland, Essence of fennel Salullant does not contain alcohol, preservatives,

  • Pollen - 500 g
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: Bee pollen 100 % Net weight: 220 g.

  • FLORADIX Liquid Iron and Vitamins - Salus - 250 ml
    Manufacturer: Salus Unit size: 8.5 fl. oz. (250 ml.) Ingredients: Aqueous herbal extract (54%) from: carrot root (Daucus carota), nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), spinach leaf(Spinacia oleracea),couch grass root, (Agropyron repens), fennel fruit,

  • PRETECSAPIN KIDS, Soothes cough - 150 ml
    Manufacturer: NatysalActive Ingredients: Propolis dry elderberry extract, moss, mallow, plantain with honeyPresentation: Bottle of 150 ml

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