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Kidneys and Urinary Tract remedies

Dietary supplements for the health of the kidneys and urinary tract problems. Diuretic foods good for the kidney

The kidney is a foundation for the health and well-functioning of many of the functions of our body, hence the importance of providing a balanced diet and diuretic foods for the kidney. In the store we offer natural supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups and extracts to take care of the health of the kidneys.

Habits that affect the kidneys

The kidneys are organs known to perform the purification function, daily filter the blood. There are habits that can be detrimental to its proper functioning, including:

Consume little water: If we do not hydrate enough we can cause kidney problems, taking enough water, approximately one to two liters daily prevent the accumulation of toxins in the blood.

Retaining urine: This is a problem that often happens, especially because of work activities, when the bladder is for a long time, causes problems such as cystitis, urinary tract infections and kidney disease.

Eating habits: Excessive consumption of salt forces the kidneys to overwork.

High consumption of animal proteins, as well as high-fat foods, an alternative is the consumption of vegetable proteins.

Carbonated or soft drinks affect the kidneys, their consumption is high in children and young people, eliminating them from your diet is the solution, these can cause future kidney stones or kidney failure.

Alcohol and tobacco leave toxins in the body, they make us sick, not just the kidneys, they should be avoided.

Among the supplements and good diuretic foods for the kidney you find in the store natural products based on horse's tail, products to eliminate the toxins of the kidney, purifying the kidney, cranberry for the urinary tract, products to improve digestion, among others.


High blood pressure or hypertension causes damage to the kidneys, affecting the filtering of toxins, you should have checkups periodically, since hypertension causes no symptoms.


It is necessary to control the use of medicines, and never self-medicate, since the drugs and their excessive use cause damage to the kidneys.


In many of the jobs we do today we spend many hours sitting, which ultimately affects the kidneys. It is recommended to get up periodically and walk, to practice a sport every day.

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  1. €10.24

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Content: 30 capsules

    Active Ingredients (per capsule): Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) 200 mg, equivalent to 1000 mg of plant per capsule (7% silica)

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  2. €14.95

    Brand: Pinisan

    Active Ingredients: Pineapple, gotu kola, red vine, Goldenrod

    Presentation: Container with 15 vials.

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  3. €18.37

    Vials of medicinal plants to drain the body, removing fluids and cleaning toxins. Product formulated to cleanse and detoxify the body through the action of medicinal plants.

    Active Ingredients: Artichoke, Red Tea, Goldenrod, Sarsaparilla, Fructooligosacáridos, Fruit Powder

    Presentation: Container with 6 vials of 30 ml.

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  4. €12.50

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Conent: 250 ml

    Recommendations: Dilute 15 ml in 1.5 liters of water and drink throughout the day

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  5. €19.70

    Syrup to Reduce Water Retention

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Presentation: Bottle of 500 ml.

    Dosage: 30 ml. diluted in half liter of water to drink during the day.

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  6. €9.89

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Active Ingredients (per dose, 15 ml): Boldo 600 mg, 600 mg Artichoke, Dandelion 80 mg, Holy Thistle 80 mg, Choline 41.2 mg, Manganese (gluconate) 2 mg, Essence of Anise 0.25 cc, Burdock and Chamomile Infusion Amarga

    Presentation: Syrup, 250 ml

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  7. €19.44

    NEPHROSOLID is a supplement for the healthy of the Renal system

    Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: Nephrosolid ® drops 100 ml

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  8. €19.44

    Combination of artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, boldo and peppermint

    Manufacturer: A. Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: Drops 100 ml

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  9. €15.16

    Combination of artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, boldo and peppermint. Stimulant of the production of bile by the liver. Digestive disorders such as flatulence feeling of pressure in the stomach or swelling.

    Supplement for Relief of Abdominal Bloating

    Manufacturer: A. Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: Bottle of 60 tablets

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  10. €14.95

    The formula of this food supplement combines artichoke extract, which is a source of antioxiantes that help protect cells against oxidative damage and is used to enhance fluid removal of the kidney, with extracts of Granada, Sarsaparilla and Fumaria.

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Active Ingredients: Pineapple, gotu kola, red vine, Goldenrod.
    Presentation: 15 vials.

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