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Constipation, Intestinal transit natural remedies

It is called intestinal flora to all the bacteria that inhabit the intestine, and that have a symbiotic relationship, most are not harmful and rather, many of these bacteria are beneficial, help us for a good digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as protect us from infections. When the bacterial flora is scarce or weak, the supplements are recommended to recover the intestinal flora.

Intestinal flora

Approximately 2,000 different bacterial species are housed within our gut, most of which are beneficial bacteria, some of which help us absorb nutrients and form a balanced ecosystem. Others are necessary for the synthesis of certain compounds, such as vitamin K and B complex. The flora of an average adult is influenced by a number of factors such as age, diet, stress levels, use of medications, especially antibiotics and foods with prebiotic or probiotic components. The harmful bacteria are the ones that cause us infections, and many times they reach our organism by the consumption of food contaminated or in bad condition.

In addition to prebiotic and probiotic foods, there are some supplements to recover the intestinal flora. In the store you can find juice of aloe vera, minerals and lactic acid, white clay, chlorophyll and propolis, fiber of magnesium, regenerators of the intestinal flora among others.

Recovering the intestinal flora

In addition to the use of supplements to recover the intestinal flora, there are some recommendations that we can follow to improve our health and digestion.

When we treat diseases with drugs and antibiotics, the bacterial flora is altered and the usual processes that bacteria carry out in our body, because they eliminate them completely, leaving our body weak and more susceptible to infections. For this reason we recommend the consumption of probiotic foods after antibiotic treatments, as well as the supplements that can be very useful for the recovery of the intestinal flora, and thus improve our immune system. You also need a diet rich in fiber, as well as reduce the sugars and fats in the diet.

Lactobacilli are also recommended to recover poor or weak intestinal flora, while protecting us from harmful bacteria, preventing their growth.

  1. €21.70

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Presentation: 1 litre, Glass bottle.

    Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera juice 99%.

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  2. €10.57

    Constipation remedies containing herbal ingredients such as linseed, senna and frangula have been used for decades

    Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: 300 g

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  3. €7.16

    Concentrate Biological Serum made by Swiss Organic Milk rich in Lactic Acid L (+)

    Brand: Bioforce - A.Vogel

    Presentation: Bottle of 200 ml

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  4. €11.49

    A.Vogel White Clay is a natural product consisting of kaolin and sand free of impurities, ready to be dissolved in water and taken.

    Manufacturer: A.Vogel-Bioforce

    Presentation: 400 g

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  5. €28.75

    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral.

    Presentation: Bottle of 45 capsules.

    Composition per capsule:

    325 mg of magnesium, sodium chlorophyllin.
    75 mg standardized extract of propolis.
    Directions: Take 1 capsule daily.

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  6. €15.90

    Manufacturer: Natysal

    Active Ingredients:

        Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.

    Presentation: Pack of 20 sachets

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  7. €14.50

    natürliche Ergänzung zu unseren Säure-Basen-Gleichgewicht, wichtig, um die Vitalität und das ordnungsgemäße Funktionieren des Körpers zu gewährleisten.

    Marke: Bioforce - A. Vogel

    Präsentation: Präsentation: 77 g / 14 5,5 g Sticks

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