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Cold, Flu, Defenses natural remedies

Remedies that will help you beat the flu, the cold, the respiratory conditions and increase the defenses.

Our immune system consists of a set of structures and biological processes of the body that allow an internal balance against external aggressions, due to pathogens, contaminants or radiation, and internal as cancer cells.

The immune system is made up of cells found in tissues and organs such as the skin, bone marrow, blood, lymphatic system, mucous membranes, etc. In the bone marrow the specialized cells in the immune function are generated that are mobilized through the blood and the lymphatic system towards the different organs.

When our defenses go down, it is necessary to help our immune system to strengthen, for this you find a wide variety of products in our online store.

Strengthen Defenses

When our defenses go down there are many factors that affect the immune system, a very important one is the emotional state, the anxiety, the depression, and little sleep are some that can deteriorate not only our external appearance but also the immune defenses. There are also specific diseases like cancer, HIV, and intestinal diseases that weaken our digestive system, as well as lack of nutrients. In our shop you can find natural products that help strengthen defenses such as garlic, alfalfa, cranberry, chlorophyll and propolis, echinacea, products with royal jelly and honey, iron, brewer's yeast, multivitamins, natural products to combat allergies, the cold and the cough for children and adults, etc.

The cells responsible for our defenses are leukocytes, which are of two types: polymorphonuclear and mononuclear. When they fail or are weakened, they produce infectious diseases, as well as allergies, arthritis, psoriasis and many others.

Another important aspect is food, our body needs calories to be able to produce antibodies that will fight against germs. It is necessary to include in the daily diet fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts. Also the consumption of proteins,

To recover our body also needs a proper rest, so when we are sick we sleep, and our defenses improve. Stimulants such as caffeine and excess energy drinks alternate our sleep and may contribute to a low defense. A very important vitamin that helps us especially in the case of the allergies, is the Vitamin C, that you can find it in several presentations in the store.

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  • Alfalafa Forte - 200 tablets 400 mg
    Manufacturer: El Granero Ingredients: alfalfa plant (260 mg), alfalfa is (40 mg), vegetable cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide magnesioy. Content: 200 tablets with 400 mg

  • BIFIDSAN to Regulate the Digestive System - 30 Capsules
    Manufacturer: Pinisan Presentation: 40 capsules Active Ingredients (per capsule): Inulin 400 mg, Lactic Ferments assets (10,000,000,000) 100 mg (20% Bifidobacterium animalis, 20% Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium bifidum 10%, 20% Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus paracasei

  • Brewers Yeast - 200 Tablets of 400 mg
    Manufacturer: Pinisan Presentation: 200 tablets Ingredients: Brewers Yeast 400 mg

  • CAPPARIS ALERSIN Relieves Symptoms of Allergies - 40 Capsules
    Manufacturer: Pinisan  Presentation: 40 capsules Active Ingredients (per capsule): Pantescal® (28% polyphenols) 300 mg (extracts of caper, olive, black currant and ginseng), Helycrisum 50 mg (equivalent to 200 mg of plant), Fumaria

  • CLOROPHYL 510 (Chlorophyll + Propoleus) - 45 capsules
    Manufacturer: El Granero Integral. Presentation: Bottle of 45 capsules. Composition per capsule: 325 mg of magnesium, sodium chlorophyllin. 75 mg standardized extract of propolis.   Directions: Take 1 capsule daily.  

  • Cranberry Complex · 30 tablets
    Manufacturer: NatysalActive Ingredients: dry extract of cranberry fruit (100 mg PAC)Presentation: Package of 30 tablets.

  • Echinacea - 30 Capsules
    Echinacea Capsules Supplement The natural extract of Equinacea has antimicrobial properties constituting one of the best natural antibiotics for the immune system Presentation: 30 capsules Active Ingredients (per capsule): Echinacea Extract 350 mg,

  • ECHINAFORCE Cold and Flu - A.Vogel - 120 Tablets
    ECHINAFORCE is a supplement af¡gainst Cold and Flu Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce Presentation: Echinaforce ® tablets 120 units.

  • ECHINAFORCE DROPS Colds and Flu - A.Vogel - 100 ml
    ECHINAFORCE DROPS is a supplement against Colds and Flu Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce Presentation: Echinaforce ® drops 100 ml

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