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Food Supplements

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients that help supplement the intake of such nutrients in the daily diet.

A balanced and healthy diet to the particular conditions of each person can provide all the nutrients that are required for proper development and a healthy life, in the present times it is not always possible to achieve this goal without the help of dietary supplements.

Discovering dietary supplements

They are products developed with the aim of helping balance the normal diet and are nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other substances that have a positive effect on the nutrition and functioning of the body.

Dietary supplements should be given in certain doses and presented in tablets, capsules, dragees, powders, liquid vials, bottles and others. They should always be taken in small doses, if they are high it can be contraindicated and even cause damages in our health.

When and who should use them?

When we talk about a healthy and balanced diet this should contain vegetables, fruits, cereals, proteins and healthy fats, that is, most nutrients, when these are missing, supplements and food supplements are necessary.

Dietary supplements are varied and have different functions. Some are recommended for pregnant women, such as folic acid and certain vitamins. Vegetarians need a complement of B vitamins and vitamin D. There are others that serve as supplements to treat diseases, deficiencies, stress and anxiety problems, also for diets or in the case of high-performance athletes.

Among these supplements we have vitamins, minerals, fiber, extracts, etc. These substances are scientifically approved, and effective if they are taken in the recommended dose as the case may be. The active substances are always indicated on the labels and containers of each product. In our shop you can find dietary supplements for: weight loss, cholesterol-lowering foods and supplements, digestion and liver supplements, collagen rich bone and joints foods, supplements for stress and depression, vitamin complexes for tiredness and exhaustion, supplements to recover the intestinal flora, supplements to increase the defenses, and supplements for menopause and prostate.


Always use recognized, high quality products and in the daily doses indicated on the product or by your doctor, and never exceed the recommended dose. They are not a substitute for a balanced diet, serve to cover deficiencies of certain nutrients.

Keep in a dry and ventilated place, and out of reach of children.

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  1. €12.40

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Content: 30 capsules

    Active Ingredients (per capsule): Artichoke (Cynara Scolymus L.): 400 mg, equivalent to 2000 mg of plant per capsule (3% cynarine)

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  2. €42.95

    Manufacturer: Fharmocat

    Presentation: 180 capsules x 700 mg.

    Ingredients: Shark cartilague, minerals, vitamin C

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  3. €18.06

    Atrosan® Devil’s Claw tablets – for backache, rheumatism and joint pain

    Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: 60 tablets

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  4. €15.16

    Manufacturer: A.Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: Drops 100 ml

    Composition: Each ml of oral liquid contains 940mg of tincture from the pressed juice of fresh oat herb (Avena sativa L., herba rec.). Ethanol 51%V/V (43%m/m)

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  5. €14.50

    natürliche Ergänzung zu unseren Säure-Basen-Gleichgewicht, wichtig, um die Vitalität und das ordnungsgemäße Funktionieren des Körpers zu gewährleisten.

    Marke: Bioforce - A. Vogel

    Präsentation: Präsentation: 77 g / 14 5,5 g Sticks

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  6. €7.15

    MANUFACTURER: Ana Maria Lajusticia

    PRESENTATION: Bote 280 tablets.


    Amount Per 4 Tablets: Brewer's yeast 3g. 
    Content for 8 tablets: Brewer's yeast 6g.

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  7. €9.90

    Beta-carotene - Natysal - 30 pearls

    Natysal beta-carotene is a nutritional supplement that provides vitamian A necessary for regeneration and protection of body tissues.

    Beta (β) Carotene is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from aging and prevents tissue degeneration. Protects collagen stability and power and maintains the skin tanning.

    Active Ingredients: beta-carotene (11,000 IU)

    Presentation: Package of 30 soft-gels

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  8. €16.50

    Manufacturer: Pinisan

    Presentation: 40 capsules

    Active Ingredients (per capsule): Inulin 400 mg, Lactic Ferments assets (10,000,000,000) 100 mg (20% Bifidobacterium animalis, 20% Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium bifidum 10%, 20% Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus paracasei 20%, 10% Lactobacillus plantarum)

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  9. €15.16

    Combination of artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, boldo and peppermint. Stimulant of the production of bile by the liver. Digestive disorders such as flatulence feeling of pressure in the stomach or swelling.

    Supplement for Relief of Abdominal Bloating

    Manufacturer: A. Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: Bottle of 60 tablets

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  10. €19.44

    Combination of artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, boldo and peppermint

    Manufacturer: A. Vogel - Bioforce

    Presentation: Drops 100 ml

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