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FAT BURNERS CAPS - 105 Tablets

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How to use: Take 3 tablets before training.

Dose: 1000 mg of L-Carnitine per dose.

Presentation: Bottle of 105 tablets.

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L-Carnitine Tablets

L-Carnitine is a molecular vehicle transporting fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane, where oxidative enzymes act and are metabolized for energy production. This oxidation is a major source of energy for different muscles. The organism can use different source for obtaining energy as muscle glycogen, muscle triglycerides, blood sugar (liver sugar), protein and fat, but this is the last resort because they are the body's reserves. Only the L-form of carnitine is necessary for the body and ensures that the Sport Nutri Carnitine Fat Burners CAPS is 100% L-form complement So if Fat Burners CAPS feeding, metabolism increases to provide fats and thus energy. Helping to increase performance and making it more durable; this leads to have better muscle definition. Because of this, Fat Burners CAPS is perfect for those who want to lose extra kilos complement. It is recommended to mix with aerobic exercises.

The L-Carnitine is the carrier responsible for carrying fats to the mitochondria where oxidation occurs for energy, but for this to happen it is necessary that the body has a high energy demand.
During extreme exercise, metabolism employs different energy sources to perform physical activity: muscle glycogen, muscle triglycerides, blood sugar (liver sugar), protein ... and fats, but they are a last resort because main function being "energy reserve" of the organism.
Furthermore, supplementing the diet with FatBurners CAPS, we favor the metabolism has increased availability of fat for energy, thereby extending the performance (and saving muscle glycogen) and favoring muscle definition (thanks to fat burning ).
The human body already has L-Carnitine in metabolism since it can be synthesized from amino acids such as L-lysine and L-Methionine, but not enough to stimulate fat burning during aerobic exercise.
So FatBurners CAPS is the right complement for all those people who want to lose more pounds.
To achieve greater effectiveness is advisable to combine with CAPS FatBurners practice of aerobic exercise.
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